Back to School Tips for Preschool Parents: 9 Ways to Help Your Child Settle In

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Back to School Tips for Preschool Parents: 9 Ways to Help Your Child Settle In

The most effective back-to-school tips for preschool parents to take into account that any child getting ready to go back to school may have a hard time adjusting to a new place and new people. Kids often feel excitement about seeing their school friends every day. They may also have anxiety about new academic and behavioral expectations. Read on for 9 tips to keep in mind as you countdown to school and an easier start to the school year.

Make the Good-Bye Brief

back to school tips for preschool parents

Avoid long goodbyes to lessen separation anxiety

Studies show that when a parent drops their young child off at preschool, they should avoid prolonged good-byes. There is an in-between moment when a child is still grasping their mother or father’s hand while looking out at the other kids playing with toys. This should be used to help the child start the preschool day. Use your child’s curiosity and interest in the new class to get them involved in a fun activity. A trustworthy preschool in Yardley has accounted for this by providing young kids with the opportunity to free play and discover their surroundings.

Allow Your Child to Bring One Comforting Item from Home

Another tip for back to school preschool parents is to let their child choose a small toy from home to have throughout the day. Just make sure that the item isn’t distracting and that your child’s teacher knows about it. Since the feeling of anxiety is caused by being in an unfamiliar setting with unfamiliar people, making sure that your child has something familiar helps ease this feeling.

Address Your Child’s Fears

It is very important to make time to talk to your child about how to get ready for school after a break. Such as buying school clothes and supplies. Keep in mind that you and your home have been your child’s world until school starts. Explain to them what school is, what things they will like about it, and let them ask any questions they need to address their fears.

Consider Staying to Help Out

Your presence in the classroom during the first day may encourage a faster transition to school settings for young children with severe separation anxiety. Just try to make your presence in the room parallel to your child’s. This way you too will become familiar with your child’s new surroundings. Your child will be comforted by seeing you interacting with the new authority figures positively.

Model How Your Child Should React to the New Surroundings

Children, especially those who find themselves in an unfamiliar setting, will look to their parent for cues on how to react. Aim to model a positive mood and outlook. Your child will feel better knowing that you “like” this new place making it seem less scary to them.

Encourage Your Child to Own Their Preschool Education

back to school ideas for parents

Allow your child to carry one small item from home

One of the most important tips for preschool parents is to encourage your child to be proactive in their education, starting from the first day of preschool. Let your child make choices when appropriate, like what to wear and what lunch/snack to pack.

Take Time for One-On-One Teacher Introductions

Teachers are busy and the first day of school is the most hectic. Sympathize with the teachers and the assistants. Make it a point to introduce yourself and your child to them.

Embrace The New Setting With Positivity

As hard as it is to put the youngest ones on the road to start their academic journey, remember that your child will be happy if they see you embracing this new setting in a positive way.

Choose What Works for You

You will find that there are many back-to-school tips for preschool parents. Some may fit your life better than others. Don’t feel that you must try each one to ensure that your child enjoys being in preschool. Back-to-school ideas for parents are meant as suggestions that are based on expert studies. As well as tips that other parents have tried and found successful.

A trustworthy preschool in Yardley will invite your questions and address all your concerns openly. There are many tips for back to school preschool parents to help their children make a smoother transition to new surroundings. Enjoy this new stage with them!



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