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Finding the Best Daycare Fairless Hills PA

Daycare for Fairless Hills PA and the Surrounding Communities - Quality Early Learning Education for Your Child

Are you a parent searching for a daycare Fairless Hills PA for your kids? With countless childcare options in Fairless Hills, it can be challenging to distinguish exceptional early childhood education from the rest.

Daycare Fairless Hills PA

Daycare Features to Look For:

Here’s what to look for in a top-notch child care:

Prestigious accreditations from respected organizations
A robust, research-based curriculum
Warm, nurturing teachers who connect with each child
Facilities designed to stimulate curiosity and exploration
Enriching hands-on activities and guided play
Customized support for each student's needs and interests

When researching daycares, look for ones accredited by respected organizations that evaluate early education programs. This validates that the curriculum meets high standards for quality and effectiveness.

One such prestigious accreditation to look for is Keystone STARS. This verification from Pennsylvania’s quality rating system analyzes a daycare’s approach to learning and development.

What Our Daycare Offers:

For the communities residing near Fairless Hills PA, our daycare is the best. As an early learning center
serving this region, we offer infant care, toddler care, preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten. Read on to learn what makes us apart from other daycares:


Building relationships with people is the most effective way for students to learn. We consider this a valuable skill to develop, and we have the appropriate resources to support it.

Interest-based Learning

We believe that learning takes place in simple steps. We keep in mind the child’s background and the things that interest him or her.

Hands-on Experience

Our years of teaching experience has taught us that children learn best when they are actively involved in school activities. We put them in situations that spark their imaginations and design activities that encourage guided play.

Unique Instructions

Teachers at Children Central know that each child is unique. To meet each child’s needs, we have created individualized instructions. Consider taking a group of children to an activity in which some will study science or mathematics, while others will study language!

Research-based and Flexible Curriculum

Children Central’s comprehensive child care curriculum is both research-based and flexible. Our daycare serving the Fairless Hills community has the right balance of curated learning materials, parental involvement and easy to use strategies for early childhood learning development.

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Infant through Pre-K
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the quality pre k schools near me?

Children Central offers the high-quality pre-k program serving communities in Fairless Hills, PA. We maintain low student-teacher ratios of 10:1 for our Pre-K.

Do you offer full day pre kindergarten Fairless Hills PA?

Yes, we offer full-time programs from 6:45am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. We have flexible scheduling options available for 3,4 and 5-day programs. We’re here to meet your family’s needs.

Do you offer full day preschool Fairless Hills PA?

Yes, we offer full-time programs from 6:45am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. We have flexible scheduling options available for 3,4 and 5-day programs.

Do you offer infant daycare Fairless Hills PA?

Yes, we provide nurturing, educational environments in Fairless Hills PA for infants starting at 6 weeks and up to 12 months.

What is your student-teacher ratio for infant daycare Fairless Hills PA?

We maintain low student-teacher ratios of 4:1 for infants. Hence, our instructors are able to provide each child with personalized care.

How do I choose the best daycare Fairless Hills PA?

Look for daycares with prestigious accreditations, nurturing teachers, research-based curriculums, hands-on activities, and programs tailored to each child’s needs.

How do I choose the top Pre-K programs for daycare Fairless Hills PA?

Look for accredited Pre-K programs with  prestigious accreditations, robust curriculums, attentive teachers, hands-on activities, relationship-centered teaching, and interest-based learning. Quality Pre-K focuses on play, exploration, and developmentally-appropriate activities.

What are the best child care centers in Fairless Hills, PA?

Children Central is one of the best child care centers serving Fairless Hills PA communities. It is Rated 4 STAR in Keystone STARS rating system, which is the highest possible. It offers research-based curriculums, hands-on learning, and customized instructions tailored to each child. 

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