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Amazing Athletes in Langhorne PA

For children aged 2 to 6 years old

Amazing Athletes

Children Central is delighted to welcome Amazing Athletes in Langhorne PA to our childcare schedule every Thursday morning!

Amazing Athletes is a renowned national sports and fitness program. Our curriculum spans a structured 52-week period, ensuring your child receives a comprehensive exercise experience.

Each engaging 35-minute class is filled with activities designed to enhance gross motor skills, promote stretching, develop muscle tone, and boost physical fitness. We also incorporate two ball sports, facilitating hand-eye coordination and crucial brain development, vital in a child’s early years.

Highlights of Amazing Athletes

amazing athletes n Langhorne PA

Sports We Offer

The Amazing Athletes in Langhorne PA

Our program operates on a building block system, meticulously breaking down the elements of various sports. From soccer and hockey to football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, golf, tennis, and lacrosse, we cover it all. 

This enjoyable and positive learning experience empowers children to grasp the fundamentals and terminologies of nine sports, cardiovascular exercises, and obstacle courses.

Within our structured learning environment, children progress at their own pace, fostering self-confidence, good sportsmanship, and team pride. This is what sets the Amazing Athletes program apart.

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Why Amazing Athletes is Exceptional

Sports Introduction:

Our fun and active classes encourage kids to explore and develop a variety of athletic skills through the introduction of ten different sports. Coaches break down the fundamentals of each sport into simple steps, tailored to each child’s age and ability. Our goal is to create a fun environment that establishes a lifelong connection to sports and physical activity.

Starter Nutrition:

To stay healthy and active, our bodies need the right fuel. Research shows that it can take up to 15 or 20 introductions of a new food item before children will try or accept it. The Amazing Athletes nutrition program introduces children to 16 different fruits and vegetables, along with essential vitamins and minerals, leaving them excited about trying new, healthy foods.

Body Awareness:

Strength training is essential for children’s and adults’ physical health, preventing the risk of conditions like osteoporosis. We teach children to name and identify the ten major muscles crucial for maintaining good gross motor movement and overall body wellness.

Program Details:

Enroll your child in Amazing Athletes today and give them a head start on a healthy, active, and confident future!

(Our Annual Registration Fee covers all of our administrative fees, processing, and insurance. In return, your child will receive our Amazing Athlete T-Shirt that we encourage them to wear to class each week!)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good kids sports programs near me?

Children Central provides an excellent kids’ sports program named Amazing Athletes in Langhorne, PA. Their weekly classes teach children aged 2-6 fundamentals across 9 different ball sports in a fun, engaging environment.  Join our Amazing Athletes in Langhorne PA, today by calling (215) 398-1076. 

What is Amazing Athletes sports training?

Amazing Athletes sports training uses age-appropriate lessons to break down the basics of sports like soccer, basketball, and tennis. Classes focus on building gross motor skills, coordination, confidence, and sportsmanship in kids. Join our Amazing Athletes in Langhorne PA, today by calling (215) 398-1076. 

Where can I find sports near me for 4 year olds?

Children Central offers an Amazing Athletes sports program every Thursday for kids between 2 to 6 years olds. They teach the fundamentals of ball sports in a structured curriculum. Join our Amazing Athletes in Langhorne PA, today by calling (215) 398-1076. 

What toddler sports programs are available near me?

Children Central’s Amazing Athletes provides an excellent toddler sports program for children as young as 2. Classes build gross motor skills, coordination, and confidence through age-appropriate sports activities. Join our Amazing Athletes in Langhorne PA, today by calling (215) 398-1076. 

Are there good kid sports near me?

Absolutely – enroll your kid in our Amazing Athletes program for a fun introduction to soccer, hockey, basketball, and more! Structured lessons taught by trained instructors help build sports skills. Join our Amazing Athletes in Langhorne PA, today by calling (215) 398-1076. 

Where can I find sports programs for kids near me?

Look no further than our Amazing Athletes program, a renowned kids sports program right here in Langhorne, PA. Weekly classes help unlock skills across various ball sports in kids aged 2 and up. Join our Amazing Athletes in Langhorne PA, today by calling (215) 398-1076. 

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