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Empowering Futures, One Playful Day at a Time – Exceptional Daycare Morrisville

It is crucial for your children to have the best early childhood education in order to develop the skills they need for their future. That’s why, when they are ready to start their first steps towards learning, you should make sure you have a team of childcare professionals to help. 

At Children Central, we’ve been nurturing potential since 1992. Our expertise and proven programs equip kids with an unbeatable head start.

While other preschools play games, we shape character. While they babysit, we empower young minds. The results speak for themselves—confident, capable graduates ready to take on the world.

Get your child off to a great start. There’s only one day care center serving Morrisville which gives your kids the head start they need – Children Central.

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Our Offered Programs

Children Central is proud to serve the Morrisville community in Pennsylvania. Our childcare programs include:

Children Central’s Approach

At Children Central’s Morrisville daycare, we utilize a science-backed process developed by our devoted early childhood experts. Our goal is to nurture each child’s unique potential.

The keystone of our approach is a compelling research based curriculum called Funnydaffer, verified by Keystone STARS as the premier program for age-appropriate development. With Funnydaffer, we prepare your child to thrive as an engaged, independent learner.

The proof is in hundreds of confident graduates ready to take on the world. They begin as all children do, then blossom through our age-centered program.

Learn more about Children Central.

Family Involvement

Family involvement is critical to our preschool’s success. With parents actively engaged, children flourish in our colorful and fun-filled environment. Students grow more self-aware and prepared to pursue their interests.

Daily progress reports ensure parents know what their child has accomplished. Weekly updates highlight milestones so you can track their development.

At our daycare serving Morrisville, we partner with families to bring out the best in every child. Our devoted teachers and science-backed curriculum empower them for the brightest future.

A Focus on Learning

Day care Morrisville incorporates educational activities into each day. It helps little ones gain skills in key areas such as:

choosing a preschool

Early literacy through interactive books, songs, rhyming

after-school routine

Math concepts including numbers, shapes, patterns, sorting

Science basics such as nature, seasons

Social-emotional growth which includes manners, sharing, cooperation

Our teachers use a play-based approach. They build cognitive abilities while nurturing creativity and relationships. Children are active participants in the learning process through lessons and hands-on activities.

Nutritious Meals Provided

Healthy eating is vital for growth and development. We provide chef prepared well-balanced, delicious meals and snacks throughout the day. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks nourish kids while accommodating allergies. Our menus focus on lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy. Nutrition is a priority!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What programs does Daycare Morrisville offer?

Children Central serving Morrisville offers infant care, toddler programs, preschool, Pre-K, Spanish classes, and Amazing Athletes programs. Their programs nurture children from infancy through Pre-Kindergarten.

What is the Funnydaffer Curriculum?

The Funnydaffer Curriculum is the research-based, age-appropriate curriculum used at Children Central serving Morrisville. It is designed by early childhood experts to nurture each child’s potential and prepare them as engaged, independent learners.

How can parents be involved at Daycare Morrisville?

Daycare Morrisville encourages active family involvement through daily progress reports, weekly milestone updates, and an open, welcoming environment. It utilizes Procare Parent Engagement App. This allows parents to partner in their child’s learning and development.

What are some educational activities at Daycare Morrisville?

Educational activities at Daycare Morrisville include early literacy, math concepts, science basics, and social-emotional growth through a play-based approach. This builds cognitive skills while nurturing creativity.

What meals are provided at Daycare Morrisville?

Daycare Morrisville provides chef-prepared, nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks to nourish kids throughout the day. Meals focus on lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and accommodate allergies.

How can I schedule a tour of Children Central?

Visit the Children Central website or call them directly to schedule a tour and meet the warm, dedicated staff and see the bright, cheerful classrooms.

Discover Daycare Morrisville!

Meet our warm, dedicated staff. See our bright, cheerful classrooms designed for little learners. Call us or visit our website to schedule a tour! Let us show you how Daycare Morrisville encourages each child to play, grow, and thrive.