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Spanish Classes

Designed specifically for children!

We offer engaging and interactive Spanish classes for kids that foster language skills and cultural appreciation from an early age.

At Children Central, our Spanish classes for kids open up a world of discovery for your child. Led by our warm and talented Spanish teacher, Miss Edivia, our Twaddlers, Preschool, and Pre-K students embark on a journey into the Spanish language every Tuesday morning as part of our curriculum.

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Why Spanish classes for kids

Child development experts agree: introducing a second language early provides cognitive benefits that can last a lifetime. From enhanced problem-solving skills to improved critical thinking, bilingualism unlocks your child’s potential. The research is clear – childhood is the optimal time for language learning. Young minds absorb new sounds and structures effortlessly.

As children hear and speak Spanish, they strengthen areas of the brain that control memory, attention, and more. These crucial skills give them an edge, both in school and beyond. Spanish also exposes kids to diverse cultures and perspectives. Your child will gain confidence in navigating an increasingly globalized world.

Meet Miss Edivia

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Miss Edivia brings expertise, empathy, and energy to her Spanish lessons for kids. Having studied and lived in Puerto Rico herself, she intimately understands the exhilaration and challenges of learning a new language. This personal insight allows her to connect with students on a deeper level.

Miss Edivia’s passion for teaching shines through in every lively lesson, filled with puppets, songs, dances, and games. She earned a Child Development Associates credential (CDA) in 2010 at Manor College. She continues to expand her skills, currently as a ‘floater teacher’ at our center. Above all, Miss Edivia finds joy in nurturing each child’s growth.

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The Magic of Learning Through Play

At Children Central, we believe learning should be engaging and fun. That’s why Miss Edivia incorporates playful activities into every Spanish lesson. Puppets, dance routines, and singing keep students active and delighted. Kids participate eagerly, absorbing new words and phrases without even realizing it.

Research shows that play-based learning improves academic outcomes in reading, writing, math, and science. It promotes creativity, social skills, and problem-solving. Children learn best when they are hands-on and having fun – especially with languages. We take this evidence-based approach seriously at Children Central.

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The Benefits Last a Lifetime

Early Spanish instruction lays the foundation for future success. The cognitive, social, and cultural advantages positively impact your child well beyond the classroom walls.

Their communication skills get a boost across languages. As bilingualism becomes more mainstream than ever, your child will have a head start in school, career, and life. Employers actively seek bilingual candidates to engage diverse markets and ideas. Spanish also facilitates travel adventures and forge connections across the globe.

At Children Central, we open this world of possibility through immersive Spanish instruction. Cultural awareness, cognitive development, and communication skills blossom under the guidance of our devoted Spanish teacher, Miss Edivia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I enroll my preschooler in a Spanish class for preschoolers?

Spanish classes for preschoolers provide an excellent opportunity for preschoolers to be introduced to a new language. Learning Spanish at a young age can help develop cognitive skills, flexibility, and problem solving capabilities. Spanish classes tailored for preschoolers use fun, interactive methods like songs, games, and storytelling to teach Spanish in an engaging way. Join our Spanish classes for kids at Children Central today by calling (215) 398-1076 today!

What are the benefits of Spanish programs for preschoolers?

Spanish programs for preschoolers provide many benefits, including exposing children to diversity, improving memory and listening skills, and boosting creativity. Starting Spanish early sets preschoolers up for better academic performance down the road. Spanish programs also teach preschoolers about other cultures in an interactive, immersive way. Join our Spanish classes for kids at Children Central today by calling (215) 398-1076 today!

How do you teach Spanish to preschoolers?

We teach Spanish to preschoolers through fun, hands-on activities. Our Spanish teacher Miss Edivia uses puppets, songs, games, and dancing to make the learning interactive, and very enjoyable for your children. Join our Spanish classes for kids at Children Central today by calling (215) 398-1076 today!

What is the right age to enroll my child in Spanish class for kids?

Experts recommend introducing foreign language instruction as early as possible. Spanish classes for kids are appropriate starting around ages 2-4. Early childhood is an optimal window for absorbing language sounds and patterns. Many preschools and daycares offer Spanish classes for kids starting as young as 12-24 months old. Join our Spanish classes for kids at Children Central today by calling (215) 398-1076 today!

Where can I find quality Spanish classes near me for kids?

If you are interested in Spanish classes for your kids, search “Spanish classes near me” or visit websites of childcare centers which offer Spanish classes. Best options for Spanish classes for kids include children’s learning centers, preschools, daycares, community centers, after-school programs, cultural centers, libraries, and private tutoring services. Look for dynamic, native Spanish speaking teachers who make lessons active and fun.

Should I enroll my child in private or group kids Spanish classes?

Both private and group kids Spanish classes have benefits. Private lessons allow for personalized instruction, while group classes promote socialization and conversational skills. Group classes also tend to be more budget-friendly. Evaluate your child’s learning style and needs to determine which option may work better.

What do children learn in preschool Spanish classes?

Preschool Spanish classes focus on basic vocabulary through songs, games, and activities. Lessons cover greetings, numbers, colors, animals, food, family, and more. The emphasis is on speaking and listening in a fun environment.

Immerse your Child in the Beauty of Learning Spanish