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Healthy, Delicious Meals with Children Central

At Children Central, we know nutrition is key to your child’s growth and development. That’s why our expert chef, Mr. Dave, designs delicious menus tailored to early childhood needs. 

Each day, Mr. Dave cooks up restaurant-quality lunches and snacks that appeal to little ones while adhering to strict nutritional guidelines. Using fresh, high-quality ingredients, he provides balanced meals packed with brain-boosting nutrition.

Keystone STARS Daycare Food Menu

Our main purpose is to provide a hot, healthy lunch in a fun environment that not only meets state standards but far exceeds it to meet the stricter Keystone STARS requirements. You can trust our daycare food menu to nourish your child completely.

Less Sugar and Low Salt Meals

Our seasonal dishes introduce young taste buds to new flavors and textures in a fun, engaging way. All fruits and juices have no added sugar, our vegetables are low in salt and our breads are whole grain.

Seasonal Menus with Favorite Food Staples

Our monthly menus are seasonal, but there are some staples that are the kids’ favorites like homemade macaroni and cheese, fresh diced chicken breast in gravy over rice, tri-colored pasta and tomato sauce, homemade French bread pizza and of course every kid’s favorite: peanut butter and jelly.

Learning During Mealtime

Our teachers reinforce lessons during mealtimes. Children at our center learn shapes, colors, food textures, smell and taste. Food exploration teaches motor skills, language development, math concepts and more.

Food Rich in Nutrition

At Children Central, wholesome daycare food is never boring! Mr. Dave crafts rotating daily menus focused on:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the daycare food menu at Children Central?

Children Central has its own daycare food menu where the cook, Mr. Dave, creates nutritious menus and prepares meals and snacks daily for the children according to nutritional guidelines.

What are some components of the daycare food menu program for daycare at Children Central?

Our daycare food program menu consists of healthy, balanced meals like mac and cheese, chicken and rice, pasta, and pizza. Snacks include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and cheese. Mr. Dave follows daycare food guidelines to make low sugar, low salt, and low fat dishes.

What is the daycare food policy at Children Central?

Our daycare food policy focuses on providing children with fresh, seasonal, restaurant-quality meals and snacks that adhere to strict nutritional standards and meet Keystone STARS requirements.

How does Children Central ensure its daycare meals are healthy?

Children Central’s chef uses fresh, high-quality ingredients to create nutritious daycare meals aligned with dietary guidelines. All fruits/juices have no added sugar, vegetables are low sodium, and breads are whole grain.

How are daycare food requirements met at Children Central?

Children Central meets and exceeds all daycare food requirements by having a trained chef prepare made-from-scratch meals tailored to children and following national nutritional standards.

What do children learn during mealtimes at Children Central?

Teachers use mealtimes to integrate learning by counting food items, discussing shapes, colors, textures, smells and tastes. So children learn during these fun, delicious daycare meals.

How does the daycare food menu change at Children Central?

The daycare food program menu changes seasonally to provide variety. But it includes kid favorites like mac and cheese, chicken and rice, pizza, fruits, vegetables, grains and cheese at every meal.

How does Children Central make healthy eating fun for kids?

Children Central’s chef incorporates kid-friendly flavors and makes visually appealing dishes to get kids excited about healthy daycare meals. Teachers also engage kids during meals through hands-on learning activities.

Healthy Menus Created Just for Kids

Your child will thrive on our thoughtfully-planned meals and snacks. Discover the difference nutritious Call us today to learn more!