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Children Central: Trusted Care for Your Child While You Work

As a parent, nothing is more important than preparing your child for success. We all want the best for our children. Therefore, we keep struggling to find the best childcare for them to have the best development and care.

There are different schools of thought on how to raise and teach children. One way is to use a traditional approach to early childhood education. Sadly, quite a few parents will settle for that. Staying with something that is familiar is easy, and some people do not want to get out of the “box.” The phrase, “don’t fix what is not broken,” is what most child care centers are run on. 

At Children Central, our childcare serving Newtown refuses to stay inside the box. Our innovative approach shatters expectations of the ordinary or familiar. We strive for excellence, not mediocrity, empowering children to shine and realize their full potential.

Rather than “not fixing what isn’t broken,” we constantly evolve our methods using the latest research on early development. This progressive thinking allows us to nurture and elevate young minds like no one else.

When you choose Children Central, you choose a partner that shares your high standards and aspirations. We work passionately to help your child thrive through our one-of-a-kind childcare experience. Because for us, good enough is never enough.

Effects of Music on Child Development for your Newtown daycare.

What Our Childcare Offers

Our childcare serving Newtown communities offers early learning programs for infants to Pre-K. Below are the programs and enrichment options we offer:

Children Central's Funnydaffer Curriculum - Promoting Early Learning and Development

At Children Central, our top-rated curriculum gives kids an advantage over other childcare centers in Newtown. Developed using extensive research on early childhood education, our innovative Funnydaffer Curriculum enables children to thrive.


By providing diverse learning opportunities, we nurture independent and engaged learners. We’ve seen 3, 4, and 5-year-olds excel through improved vocabulary, motor skills, coordination, critical thinking, and peer socialization.

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Our secret?

At Children Central, our innovative curriculum nurtures babies into curious, capable learners. We’re proud to set kids up for achievement in school and beyond.


Our curriculum’s effectiveness is validated by prestigious recognition from Keystone STARS. It’s also aligned with Pennsylvania’s rigorous standards for early learning. This means children gain the fundamental skills expected for their age group, giving them a head start on lifelong success.


You’ll see Funnydaffer lesson plans posted weekly in every classroom, even starting in our Infant Room. This research-based curriculum gives young learners a head start on developmental and academic success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What programs does Newtown Daycare offer?

Children Central serving Newtown offers a wide range of programs for children from infancy through Pre-K, including:

  • Infant Program
  • Toddler & Toddler Two Program
  • Twaddlers Care Program
  • Preschool Program
  • Pre-Kindergarten Program
  • Spanish Class
  • Amazing Athletes

What is the Funnydaffer Curriculum at Newtown Daycare?

The Funnydaffer Curriculum is the innovative, research-based curriculum used at Newtown Daycare. It is designed to promote early learning and development across key domains. The curriculum provides diverse learning opportunities to help children thrive and was developed using extensive research on early childhood education.

How does the Funnydaffer Curriculum benefit children?

The Funnydaffer Curriculum enables children aged 3-5 years old to excel through improved vocabulary, motor skills, coordination, critical thinking, and peer socialization. It nurtures children to become independent, engaged learners.

Why choose Newtown Daycare?

Newtown Daycare provides high-quality care and education for children. It uses a research-backed curriculum aligned with state standards to nurture children into curious, capable learners. Newtown Daycare has achieved a 4-STARS rating in the Keystone STARS rating system.

What special features does Children Central offer?

In addition to their renowned Funnydaffer Curriculum, Children Central serving Newtown provides enrichment options such as Spanish language classes for older children and optional Amazing Athletes program. Besides nurturing each child, they provide chef-prepared meals and have a strong security system.

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