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Child-Centric Safety and Security: Ensuring a Secure Haven for Every Little Explorer at Children Central
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Safety and Security at Children Central

Welcome to the safety and security section of Children Central!
Safety and security are of utmost importance to parents seeking a daycare for their children.

At Children Central, we believe in the importance of safety and security for your child. That’s why we have implemented rigorous safety protocols and industry-leading security measures to ensure your child is protected while in our care. 


When you choose Children Central, you can feel confident knowing your child is learning and playing in a safe, secure environment.

Overview of Our Security Measures:

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Your Child's Safety and Security is Our Top Priority

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We Only Release Children to Approved Adults

At our childcare center, children are only released to adults who are listed in the child’s records by the enrolling parent. We take great care to make sure each child is only released to approved individuals.

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Classrooms Have Observation Windows and Cameras

All of our classrooms have observation windows and security cameras. This allows our staff to monitor the safety of children at all times.

Fences and Gates Keep the Campus Secure

We have placed fences and gates strategically around our childcare campus. This keeps children safe and secure while playing outdoors.

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Staff Undergo Background Checks

Every employee at our childcare center undergoes thorough background checks before being hired. This gives families peace of mind about who is caring for their child.

Only Approved People Can Enter the Center

Our childcare facility has an electronic entry system that only allows authorized individuals to enter. This prevents unwanted visitors from accessing the center.

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Families Receive Personal Door Codes

Each family is given their own door code to enter the childcare center. Codes are deleted when a family leaves our program. This ensures proper access control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a safe daycare near me?

When researching daycares, look for ones with secure access. Prefer those with surveillance cameras, background checks on staff, and regular oversight inspections. Make sure the facility follows safety rules, like hand washing and sanitizing. Tour the center and observe the cleanliness, organization and safety and security measures.

How can I find safe daycares near me to choose from?

Search online reviews and check state databases for violations/inspections. Look for centers accredited by organizations like NAEYC. Ask friends for recommendations of safe childcares they trust. Schedule tours and watch for cleanliness, organization, and attentive staff.

What makes your daycare safe?

Security and safety policies make daycare safe. Our center prioritizes child safety above everything else. We maintain proper licensing and undergo regular inspections. Our center has an electronic access entry system. Children are only released to those individuals listed on the child’s records. We do staff background checks and  have surveillance cameras. Parents can trust their child is safe here.

Is Children Central a video surveillance daycare center?

We have CCTV cameras monitoring all entryways, exits, and the classrooms. This allows staff to observe arrivals, departures, and classroom activities. Surveillance footage is reviewed if any incidents occur. Cameras provide an extra layer of security for this daycare.

Why should I look for a daycare with CCTV near me?

Having video surveillance is an important security feature when vetting daycares. CCTV cameras allow staff to monitor all areas children access. They provide peace of mind for parents by adding an extra set of “eyes” on their kids. The footage can also be reviewed if any incidents or injuries occur.

What are some daycare safety regulations?

Daycares must follow regulations like having surveillance cameras, doing background checks on staff, and following health and sanitation rules. Other daycare safety regulations include having emergency plans, safe playground equipment, and properly stored chemicals/medicines. These regulations help ensure child safety in day care.

Why is child safety in day care important?

Child safety in day care is extremely important. Children are vulnerable and need monitoring and protection. Daycares must have safety rules, trained staff, and surveillance cameras to prevent injuries or accidents. Following daycare safety regulations helps ensure a safe environment for preschoolers.

What classroom safety rules should preschool teachers set?

Preschool teachers should set classroom safety rules like asking before leaving seats, not throwing toys, and using quiet voices. This helps prevent injuries and accidents. Teachers should also enforce rules for proper use of classroom items like scissors, glue, toys, etc. Setting and enforcing these classroom safety rules for preschoolers is key.

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At Children Central, we take every measure to keep your child safe and secure while in our care. Our childcare safety policies and procedures prioritize your child's well-being. Contact us today to schedule a tour and see our policies in action!