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Nurturing Care for Your Child's Early Development

Building Foundations for a Bright Future at Our Dedicated Early Development Center

Every child is one-of-a-kind. When given the right learning environment, they blossom at their own pace.

Don’t settle for the typical daycare offering the same old programs. Discover the Children Central difference in Levittown!

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Our Innovative Approach

Every child deserves the best child development program that is state aligned and recognized by the Keystone STARS organization. 

Children Central’s teaching method is based on top-rated research based Funnydaffer curriculum. It is aligned with the PA early learning standards. What this means is that in every classroom, the children are learning what their age group is expected to know at their age and a whole lot more, as we have very high expectations for our students and teachers.

Kids enrolled with us are more attuned to the world. We prepare them to take on activities aligned with their unique interests.

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We Accomplish This Through

Incorporated research and theory
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Active exploration through active play
Interest-driven activities
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Relationship-based learning

Children Central immerses children in exciting “big ideas” that allow them to explore multiple interests. We know this is important to child development. Our Funnydaffer curriculum is more than a typical, traditional child care program, as we keep a record of your child’s intellectual growth and development.

Fostering Independent Young Learner

It is common for parents to be overprotective about their children. We hear parents ask, “is my child ready for kindergarten?” or “will she be anxious if I leave her in class?”

At Children Central, we understand those parental instincts. Our experienced teachers create a warm environment where kids gain skills at their own pace. We keep you informed with daily and weekly updates on your child’s progress. You’ll know which subjects they excel in and where they need more practice.

Our goal is to follow best practices in early childhood education so your child leaves Pre-kindergarten confident, self-reliant and well prepared for kindergarten. With patience and care, we help them bloom into capable young people. At our Levittown location, your child is in good hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the teaching method at Levittown Daycare?

Levittown Daycare uses a top-rated, research-based Funnydaffer curriculum aligned with PA early learning standards. This curriculum nurtures each child’s potential through exploration, play, and relationship-based learning.

How does Levittown Daycare prepare kids for kindergarten?

With patience and care, Levittown Daycare helps children gain skills at their own pace to become confident, self-reliant, and well prepared for kindergarten. Teachers keep parents updated on progress through the Procare Parent Engagement App.

What programs does Levittown Daycare offer?

Levittown Daycare offers infant care, toddler programs, preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten programs to nurture children from 6 weeks to 5 years old.

How does Levittown Daycare nurture independent learning?

Levittown Daycare creates a warm, engaging environment where kids can develop skills comfortably. Teachers use research-based methods to help children become capable, independent learners.

What meals are provided at Levittown Daycare?

Levittown Daycare provides nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks focused on whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and dairy to nourish children daily.

What curriculum does Levittown Daycare use?

Levittown Daycare uses the innovative Funnydaffer curriculum that immerses kids in “big ideas” and activities tailored to their unique interests. This curriculum is recognized for quality by Keystone STARS.

How can I schedule a tour of Children Central?

Contact Children Central serving Levittown through their website or phone to schedule a tour. Learn more about their programs, curriculum, and caring teachers.

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