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Nurturing Tiny Minds: Exciting Adventures in Learning for Toddlers and Toddler Two at Children Central

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Trusted Toddler Daycare Langhorne PA

A Nurturing Start for Little Explorers

Welcome to the best toddler daycare in Langhorne PA offered by Children Central. We have been serving Yardley/Langhorne communities since 1992!

Our toddler daycare in Langhorne, PA provides the perfect environment for your little ones to learn and grow. At our center, toddlers ages 1-2 years olds are encouraged to explore, create and gain independence in a warm, nurturing setting.

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Importance of Toddler Care

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Our Program Offers

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Special Features of Our Toddler Programs

Daily Toddler Activities

Toddlers Learning Through Play

Supporting Independence

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Toddler Two Program (Older 1 Year Olds & Younger 2 Year Olds)

Curiosity and learning are at its peak at this very young age. We encourage open- ended activities and exploration to promote social and physical growth.

Our goals for the Toddler Two class are:

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Special Features of Toddler Two Care Program

Toddler Classroom Design

Our Toddler Two classroom is designed with learning centers and complies with early childhood education guidelines for toddler development. Such centers include the kitchen/house area, building blocks, creative art, music/instruments, cozy/quiet area and various tools the children can manipulate.

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Toddler Daily Activities

Through the use of learning centers, children can explore and discover what their interests are. Circle time allows children to practice their ABC’s, numbers, colors and shapes. They also enjoy singing songs, dancing and reading stories. Age appropriate art projects are incorporated into the daily curriculum as well.

Safe Play

The equipment in the Toddler Two Room allows for positive and safe individual and group play experiences. They offer hands-on learning with age-appropriate toys that are tailored to educating and teaching your little one fundamentals in life.

Benefits of Daycare for children

Enhanced Communication

Throughout the day, in every classroom at our school, the teachers are using the Procare Engagement app. This app provides a snapshot of your child’s day. It will give you a look into how successful your child’s day was which will include, but is not limited to: activities of interest, eating patterns, diaper changing schedules and comments.

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Funnydaffer Curriculum

Our curriculum, Funnydaffer, is designed to develop each toddler’s individual wants and needs. At Children Central, our curriculum will help your child develop their cognitive, social, emotional, fine and gross motor skills. Our highly trained and educated teachers provide endless opportunities for the toddlers to explore and develop in a safe learning environment.

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