Children Central Tour

Children Central Tour: A Refreshing Journey

Are you seeking a warm, nurturing environment for your child to learn and grow? Schedule a Children Central tour to see our facilities and meet our staff firsthand. Our early learning center will exceed your expectations for quality care and education.

Experience Our Engaging Classrooms: Enjoy Daycare Tour

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One of the highlights of our daycare tour is visiting the classrooms where the learning happens! You’ll see our bright, inviting spaces outfitted for education and fun. Each room is designed for a specific age group, so materials and activities are tailored to their development. Teachers will welcome you and be happy to answer questions.


In our Infant Room, you will find cozy napping cribs and floor play areas. Soft toys and high-contrast images stimulate developing minds. Our Toddler Room has everything a one year old needs to practice those first steps. Interactive learning centers allow young preschoolers to explore concepts hands-on. In Pre-K, students gain independence as they prepare for kindergarten.


The daycare tour lets you envision your child learning letters, numbers, science, art, music, and more. You can feel confident they will be intellectually stimulated in our care. Meeting teachers is invaluable; you’ll see their passion for nurturing students.

Discover Our Engaging Enrichment Options

Besides our well-designed academic curriculum called Funnydaffer, Children Central offers many programs. On your child care tour, learn about the exciting opportunities available to spark new interests and talents in your child.

Your child may be a budding performer who would thrive in a drama club, or has lots of energy to burn keeping active playing sports. We include music and movement, teach Spanish in Twaddlers, Preschool and Pre-K, and offer Amazing Athletes, which is a sports based program  Children Central has attractive offerings for every young learner.

Explore Our Nurturing Indoor Spaces

Our daycare tour also provides a comprehensive look at our welcoming indoor facilities. In each classroom, you’ll find theme decor, learning materials, and samples of creative projects. Our comfortable furniture and pint-sized amenities give children a sense of belonging.


Notice thoughtful touches such as family photos displayed in the classrooms and child-sized bathrooms. You’ll understand how our spaces encourage interaction, discovery, and a love of learning. Our tour allows you to envision your child thriving in our center.

Play Outside on Our Secure Playgrounds

Will the childcare center tour be complete without checking out the playground? At Children Central, we’ll take you outside to explore our outdoor area designed for kids. See our playscapes with age-appropriate equipment and surface.


We have separate playgrounds for younger and older children. The equipment and space are tailored to their needs. Our playgrounds let children run, jump, spin, and play to their hearts’ content in the fresh air! They also allow teachers to conduct outdoor learning activities centered on science, nature, and so much more!

Imagine a Supportive Partner in Your Child's Development

After this tour, we hope you can envision our center as a supportive partner in your child’s development. We aim to smooth families’ transition into childcare and early education. Learn how we help children feel safe, engaged, and excited to learn.


Picture driving up to our well-maintained building each morning. Dream about dropping your child off with their favorite teacher and seeing their smile at pick-up time. Envision picking up your babbling infant or hearing about your preschooler’s art project success. We work hard to create secure relationships that benefit the whole family.



We hope you walk away from your Children Central tour feeling confident in our programs, staff, and facilities. Please ask us any other questions as you consider the next steps. We support you in making the best childcare decision for your family!

Learn About Our Nurturing Care Approach

Learning about the nurturing philosophy that guides our staff is just as important as seeing our facilities. We’ll share details about low teacher-child ratios and quality care during the tour.


Our teachers build strong relationships with students and get to know their personalities. We foster social-emotional growth alongside academics. Ask about our behavior management strategies centered on patience, compassion, and positive reinforcement. Learn how we handle separation anxiety, potty training, addressing special needs, and more.


You can trust that we see your child as an individual to care for, nurture, and inspire. Our goal is for both parents and children to feel comfortable and supported. Learn more about our warm, welcoming approach during your tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

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On the tour, you will see engaging classrooms tailored to each age group, an enriching play area in the center of the school named ‘The Discovery Village’, and secure indoor play spaces, and a fun outdoor playground designed just for children. Teachers will welcome you to observe learning in action and answer any questions.

Tours can easily be scheduled by calling us to speak with Administration, as we will find a date and time that fits your availability.

Our center has secure access, supervision at all times, age-appropriate playgrounds, childproof classrooms, and staff trained in pediatric first aid and CPR to ensure a safe environment.

Daily enrichment programs are included in the tuition which are: Spanish, music and movement, drama, art, and several additional learning activities.


We also offer a sports based program called Amazing Athletes for an additional fee.  Please see the Amazing Athletes information on our website, or we can explain during your tour.

Yes, we welcome children with special needs and work diligently with parents to develop customized care plans that meet each child’s unique requirements.

We have programs for infants from six weeks old up through Pre-Kindergarten for ages 4 to 5 years to prepare for the transition to elementary school.

The curriculum is called Funnydaffer, which focuses on critical developmental milestones, early literacy and math skills, science, social studies, arts, music, and physical education to encourage well-rounded learning.

Call us to secure your schedule once you decide Children Central is the right fit for your family. Complete the registration packet and provide immunization records. Then, pay the required fee, and your child can begin!

We follow all state childcare licensing health and safety guidelines, including sanitization procedures, handwashing, illness policies, COVID protocols, medication administration training, daily wellness checks, and more.

Our teachers are warm, nurturing, and experienced in early childhood development, with qualifications ranging from degrees in education to a CDA credential.  We value a good balance of experience and education, with a genuine passion and patience to teach young children effectively.

We use the Procare Engagement app daily to provide your child’s daily activities, photos and videos. 


We also include a weekly newsletter, numerous photos by classroom on our Facebook page, email communication, phone calls, and parent-teacher meetings to inform parents about their child’s activities and progress.

Children enjoy a chef prepared lunch, and morning and afternoon snacks daily with healthy, kid-friendly options to fuel active learning and play at Children Central.

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