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Children Central Langhorne Daycare

Enriching Childhood, Fostering Growth

Your child is your most precious gift. At Children Central, we provide the premier Langhorne daycare experience to nourish their development.

Our Funnydaffer curriculum aligns with state early education standards so your child masters age-appropriate skills. We meet the highest expectations for students and teachers alike.

Our child care curriculum is also one of the few selective curricula that the Keystone STARS organization has approved. Our center is backed by strong evidence of accomplishments and certifications that the Keystone STARS organization has verified.

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Our Offered Programs

Children Central is proud to serve the Langhorne community in Pennsylvania. Our childcare programs include:

What Makes Children Central One-of-a-Kind

At Children Central, we believe kids learn best through active engagement with the world around them. By encouraging exploration in a nurturing environment, children gain the foundations to become capable individuals.

Our exclusive Funnydaffer curriculum captures these essentials:

Relationship-based learning

Combined early childhood theory and research

learning numbers

Organic curriculum development (which means we build on previous successes)

classroom supplies

Focused child’s play

Benefits of Daycare

Intentional teaching approaches

early reader

Active family and community involvement

The result? Confident graduates, well prepared for kindergarten  and equipped with a lifetime of tools for success. We complete the development cycle, unleashing each child’s potential.

Outstanding Daycare in Langhorne

Children Central is one of the best daycares Langhorne PA. Our Funnydaffer Curriculum is incorporated throughout the school and is based on years of experience combining theory, research and practice in early childhood education. This is further strengthened by the best practices that we have put in place when teaching the lessons found in the curriculum.

We don’t just teach lessons, we shape lives. Our devoted teachers nurture the whole child—mind, body and spirit.

We spark imaginations through music, art and play. We build confidence through activities that are both fun and challenging. We lay the foundation for growth into capable, compassionate human beings.

Main Features of Funnydaffer Curriculum

Funnydaffer is a complete curriculum for early childhood education that offers:

A Nurturing, Enriching Environment

Langhorne Daycare goes beyond watching over children. Our teachers incorporate educational activities into each day. They help little ones gain skills in key developmental areas such as:

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Teachers use play-based methods. They build cognitive abilities while also nurturing creativity and social bonds. Children learn through interaction, exploration, and hands-on lessons. Our colorful classrooms and playground are designed just for kids. Langhorne daycare feels like an exciting, engaging place for your child.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What programs does Langhorne Daycare offer?

Langhorne Daycare offers infant care, toddler programs, preschool, Pre-K, Spanish class, and Amazing Athletes programs. Their programs nurture children from infancy through Pre-Kindergarten.

What is the Funnydaffer Curriculum?

The Funnydaffer Curriculum is the research-based, age-appropriate curriculum used at Langhorne Daycare. It aligns with PA early learning standards and is designed to unleash each child’s potential.

How does Langhorne Daycare nurture children?

Children Central serving Langhorne Daycare nurtures children by encouraging exploration, using relationship-based learning, incorporating research and theory, focused play, and intentional teaching approaches.

What are some key learning areas at Langhorne Daycare?

Key learning areas at Langhorne Daycare include early literacy, math concepts, science basics, and social-emotional growth. Lessons build cognitive skills while nurturing creativity and relationships.

What meals are provided at Langhorne Daycare?

Langhorne Daycare provides a nutritious morning snack, chef prepared lunch, and snacks focused on whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and dairy to nourish children daily.

Why choose Langhorne Daycare?

Langhorne Daycare creates confident, capable kindergarteners through their nurturing environment, research-based curriculum, devoted teachers, and focus on unleashing each child’s potential.

How do I enroll my child at Children Central?

Visit the Children Central website and call them for information about their infant, toddler, preschool, and Pre-K programs.

Discover Langhorne Daycare

Your child's potential is unlimited. At Children Central, we create an environment where it can shine. Join us and watch your precious gem blossom. Langhorne parents trust us to care for their greatest treasures. We invite you to make Children Central your top choice too.