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About Children Central

Servicing Langhorne & Yardley, PA

After years of research and evaluation of numerous child care/preschools, we chose to acquire Children Central.


We are a family-run school owned and operated by Kevin and Sharon Port. After years of research and evaluation of numerous childcare/preschools, we chose to acquire Children Central.


We knew, even if we did not own the school, this would be the preschool we would select as parents ourselves to help educate and care for our two children. Our daughter started in the Twaddler classroom (ages 2-3), and our son started in the infant room at eight weeks of age.


Children Central is NOT a franchise, nor are we corporate-owned. We NEVER have to defer your questions or concerns to ‘the corporate office’ or ‘check with franchise policy.’

owners of children central

We strive on a daily basis to make decisions based on common sense, empathy (as we are parents ourselves), and always keeping in mind your child’s well being. Moms and dads choose Children Central because of our spacious and bright classrooms, ultra safe and clean environment and because they trust our teachers to keep their children happy and constantly learning new things. We sincerely love getting to know each and every parent and child who comes to our school.


Our teaching staff has a very high percentage of degrees in early childhood education.  They participate in 24 hours of professional development annually per Keystone STARS requirements and are certified in CPR, Pediatric First Aid, and Fire Training.


When making your children’s daycare, infant, toddler, preschool, pre-kindergarten, or After School program decisions, we urge you to visit Children Central in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. We also encourage you to visit at least two other schools to best understand the value of our school. This will enable you to see for yourself how Children Central compares quite favorably to the other early learning programs in the Langhorne/Yardley area and surrounding communities.

We truly look forward to meeting you soon!

Sincerely yours,

Kevin & Sharon Port

Why Children Central

A Nurturing Environment

For childhood growth

Our Center

Safe and Secure Environment

Our center is bright, clean, and safe, with age-appropriate playground equipment. Children are closely supervised at all times. We maintain a low teacher-to-student ratio so each child receives plenty of positive attention. 


Parents trust us to care for their little ones like family. We have served the Langhorne, Yardley and surrounding communities for over twenty years!  Our school was designed for children, with pint-sized furniture, colorful decor and inviting learning areas.


We have well-stocked classrooms for children to learn art, science, reading, and more, as teachers have every resource they require.


Our indoor area ‘The Discovery Village’ has a colorful ball pit to promote active play, and we include music throughout the school to bring joy to every classroom! Outdoors, we have playscapes for climbing, slides, riding toys, and balls galore. Your child will love exploring our space!

Enrichment Programs

To Ignite Young Minds

In addition to our standard curriculum, Children Central offers exciting enrichment programs to spark children’s natural curiosity. Spanish lessons are included in the tuition for Twaddlers, Preschool and Pre-K. 


We also offer Amazing Athletes, which is a sports based activity for an extra fee, as we let you customize your child’s experience. Amazing Athletes is affordably priced and conveniently held on-site. These enrichment opportunities give young learners a head start on developing interests and talents. 


Proudly Serving Yardley & Langhorne, PA


A flexible educational program customized to the unique developmental stage of each child, promoting comprehensive growth, nurturing creativity, and cultivating a passion for learning.


Compassionate and caring care for infants, offering a secure and affectionate setting for the little ones to flourish and thrive.

Toddlers & Toddler Two

Promotes the exploration of the environment, social interaction, and the early development of skills through both unstructured play and organized activities.


The Twaddlers program, an innovative initiative crafted to enhance cognitive and motor skills development for inquisitive toddlers aged 2 to 3 years.


Nurturing inquisitiveness and preparing for school, emphasizing the development of social, academic, and emotional skills.


Equips children for school by combining advanced academics, creativity, and social skill development.

Spanish Class

The Spanish language enrichment class introduces children to a new language and culture in an engaging and educational manner.

Amazing Athletes

Nurtures physical abilities, teamwork, and a passion for sports among young children through captivating activities.

We Support

Working Parents

As working parents ourselves, we understand the logistical challenges you face. That’s why Children Central operates year-round with flexible scheduling options. Our center opens early at 6:45 a.m. to accommodate those with long commutes and early shifts. We close at 5:30 p.m. to support parents who work later.


For added convenience, we provide a chef-prepared lunch and a morning and afternoon snack, so you don’t have to pack a meal daily.

Our caring staff is here to help! We know mornings can be rushed, so we open at 6:45 a.m. for extra drop-off time before work. In the evenings, we don’t rush parents out the door – take a few minutes at pick-up to hear about your child’s day!  

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Preschools for 2 year olds

Healthy Programs

For Active Youngsters

Alongside early academic development, enrichment activities, and fostering social interactions, Children Central places a strong emphasis on instilling healthy habits in children. This includes promoting well-rounded nutrition, regular exercise, and comprehensive wellness education. 



At Children Central, we warmly welcome children with special needs and are dedicated to collaborating closely with parents to create personalized plans that cater to their unique requirements. During the enrollment process, we kindly request that you share any specific behavioral, developmental, medical, or social-emotional needs your child may have, so that we can provide the best possible care and support

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about Children Central and enroll my child in its programs?

To discover more about Children Central and initiate the enrollment process for your child in our programs, you can visit our website. There, you’ll find comprehensive information about Children Central and an online enrollment form under the Children Central section. Alternatively, you can reach out to our enrollment team, which is specifically trained to assist you with all things about Children Central.

Are there any financial assistance or scholarship opportunities available for families seeking services about Children Central?

 Yes, we’re passionate about Children Central being accessible to all families. That’s why we offer various financial assistance and scholarship options within the Children Central framework. Eligibility for these options is primarily based on income and need. To learn more about Children Central’s available options, please contact our financial assistance department.

What safety measures and protocols does Children Central have in place to guarantee the well-being of children within its care?

Ensuring the safety and well-being of children is paramount when it comes to Children Central. We have comprehensive safety measures and protocols in place, all focused on providing peace of mind to families about Children Central. These include thorough background checks for our staff, routine facility inspections, and well-defined emergency response plans. Our staff is also trained in CPR and first aid, and we maintain a low child-to-staff ratio within the Children Central environment to offer personalized care. At Children Central, we’re all about keeping your child safe and sound.

Which age groups of children does Children Central cater to?

Children Central caters to a wide range of age groups. We’re all about serving children from infancy to early adolescence. Our diverse programs, tailored specifically to meet the unique developmental needs of children, are available for those within Children Central aged from birth to 14 years old.

What is Children Central, and how does it support families and children?

Children Central is all about supporting families and children. Our services, centered around Children Central, encompass early childhood education, after-school programs, parenting workshops, and family support services. We strive to create a nurturing environment that fosters the growth and development of children within Children Central.