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Best Childcare Curriculum Langhorne PA

Children Central offers a high-quality Children's Day Care Program and is pleased to incorporate the popular Funnydaffer curriculum.

Funnydaffer is aligned with the daycare curriculum Langhorne PA early learning standards. What this means is that in every classroom, the children are learning what their age group is expected to know at their age and a whole lot more, as we have very high expectations for our students and teachers.


You will see the weekly lesson plan posted in each classroom, starting with the Infant Room.


The result is a learning environment where children thrive and reach their full potential. We blend a research-based curriculum with joyful, engaging experiences.

Key Benefits for Your Child

The childcare curriculum Langhorne PA delivers a wealth of benefits. It sets your child up for success in school and life:

daycare curriculum langhorne pa

Fosters Critical Thinking

Children don’t get knowledge only. They get empowered to analyze, evaluate, and apply their learning. Higher-level thinking blooms.

Sparks a Love of Learning

With hands-on experiences and child-led exploration, learning becomes thrilling instead of a chore. So, curiosity, confidence, and initiative blossom.

Provides Cross-Disciplinary Learning

Lessons interweave STEM, literacy, social studies, and the arts. This cross-pollination mimics real life and forges deeper connections.

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Promotes Collaboration

Paired and group activities teach vital teamwork skills. Children bond through cooperation, learning to appreciate different perspectives.

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Supports Individual Needs

Teachers personalize instruction to match each child’s learning profile. Advanced or struggling students get targeted support to maximize their potential.

Embeds Social-Emotional Growth

Daily lessons include self-awareness, relationship-building, and responsible decision-making. They help children develop strong character and leadership skills.

Prepares for Academic Success

Our curriculum builds essential critical thinking, focus, communication, and organizational abilities. Children gain confidence and skill to excel in higher grades.

Children Central Daycare Curriculum Langhorne PA

Funnydaffer The Importance of a Play Book

The impact of play on a child’s life is staggering. Recent research indicates that the bulk of our brain development happens from birth to 5 years old. And, what promotes and greatly influences the richness of that development is the PLAY that children engage in during this time.

Funnydaffer Brain

Decades of research from the fields of neuroscience, molecular biology, genomics and child development provide amazing evidence into how children learn and grow

Funnydaffer Educational Philosophy

While a child typically acquires language skills naturally, the process of learning to read requires intentional instruction. This underscores the importance of incorporating both teacher-guided and child-driven approaches into the learning experience.

Funnydaffer Developmental Stages Packet

All children can learn. In fact, children are naturally curious and WANT to learn. But, each child is unique in the way that he/she absorbs information. Some do better by watching, some by listening and some by doing. Understanding a child’s strengths and weaknesses is critical to assessing what they have learned and where their peers are in the developmental process.

Engaging and Interactive Approach

The Funnydaffer daycare curriculum langhorne pa operates by employing an engaging and interactive approach to education. It leverages a combination of multimedia resources, including videos, games, and interactive exercises, to captivate learners of all ages. 

Individual Learning 

The program’s curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cater to individual learning styles and preferences, ensuring that each student can progress at their own pace.

User Friendly Platform

Students can access a wealth of educational content through a user-friendly online platform, from foundational concepts to advanced subjects.

Love for Learning 

Funnydaffer encourages active participation and critical thinking, fostering a love for learning and promoting academic success. With its dynamic and adaptable methodology, the Funnydaffer program empowers learners to explore, discover, and excel in their educational journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best daycare curriculum?

The best daycare curriculum is a research-based early childhood curriculum that promotes learning through play and hands-on exploration. It should be developmentally appropriate and focus on building skills. Get your child started on the Funnydaffer daycare curriculum Langhorne PA, today by booking a tour now!

What's unique in a research-based early childhood curriculum?

A research-based early childhood curriculum uses teaching and learning methods backed by studies on how young children develop and learn best. It incorporates play, active learning, and exploration. Get your child started on the Funnydaffer daycare curriculum Langhorne PA, today by booking a tour now!

What is the best toddler curriculum?

The best toddler curriculum allows for play-based learning with activities and materials that build skills like coordination and problem-solving. It focuses on developing independence and self-help abilities. Get your child started on the Funnydaffer daycare curriculum Langhorne PA, today by booking a tour now!

What preschool curriculum is best for 3 year olds?

For 3 year olds, look for a preschool curriculum with short, engaging lessons and lots of time for play and hands-on learning. Skill-building activities should focus on development abilities for that age. Get your child started on the Funnydaffer daycare curriculum Langhorne PA, today by booking a tour now!

How do I know a top rated pre k curriculum?

A top rated pre k curriculum promotes learning through interactive play. It covers key areas like literacy, math, science, and social-emotional growth in age-appropriate ways. It should have positive reviews from teachers and parents. Get your child started on the Funnydaffer daycare curriculum Langhorne PA, today by booking a tour now!

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