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Yardley & Langhorne Pre K

For children 4 to 5 years old

Children Central provides an exceptional pre-kindergarten program for children ages 4 to 5 in Langhorne, PA.

We follow the Funnydaffer Curriculum, which Keystone STARS verifies. Our research-based, play-oriented curriculum stimulates early brain development and builds critical skills through fun, hands-on lessons.

With customizable daily lesson plans, resources for teachers, and developmentally-tailored activities, Children Central promotes learning through purposeful play. The Funnydaffer philosophy focuses on the whole child – cognitive, physical, and social-emotional growth. Children gain essential abilities to succeed in school and life.

We end the school year withan entertainingg cap and gown graduation ceremony! The class is then ready to join Cub Camp during the summer, which is both fun and educational, as we ensure the children are prepared to begin Kindergarten in the fall.

Join our Pre-KK Program to prepare your kids aged 4 to 5 for Kindergarten!

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Pre-K Curriculum Highlights

The Funnydaffer curriculum provides a full year of customizable, developmentally-appropriate daily lesson plans. Teachers can search thousands of engaging activities, save favorites, share ideas, and track standards. A comprehensive resource library and user feedback foster continuous improvement. 


Funnydaffer is aligned with the PA early learning standards. What this means is that in every classroom, the children are learning what their age group is expected to know at their age and a whole lot more, as we have very high expectations for our students and teachers.


You will see the weekly lesson plan posted in each classroom, starting with the Infant Room.

Major Features of Curriculum

“Students who attend high quality Pre-K are more likely to read at grade level by 3rd grade – a critical measure of future success in school and success later in life.” Source: Center for Public Education

Educational Philosophy of Funnydaffer Curriculum

The lesson plans are designed to let children discover, invent, pretend, and challenge themselves. Funnydaffer curriculum encompasses an educational philosophy which helps children achieve the following:

Our lesson plans are written with the power of play in mind!

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Understanding Children's Developmental Stages

Knowing the major developmental stages is crucial for supporting children’s growth and learning. Development occurs simultaneously in four main areas:

Childhood Brain Development

The brain develops rapidly in the early years through experiences that form neural connections. Simple connections like vision and hearing form first, followed by complex connections for language and cognition. Adult “serve and return” interactions powerfully stimulate brain development.


The brain architecture shaped in a child’s first years provides a foundation for learning, relationships, productivity, and engagement throughout life.

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Fostering Childhood Growth

Cognition and Social-Emotional Skills

Cognitive and social-emotional development are intertwined. Nurturing relationships enable cognitive abilities to emerge.

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Creativity and Future Success

Early creativity predicts adult accomplishments more than IQ does. Fostering creative thinking prepares children for future workforce needs.

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Academic Achievement Gaps

Language exposure causes vocabulary gaps by age 3, tied to parental income and education. Quality early education helps close these gaps before school entry.

The Importance of Play

Play constitutes a crucial element in a child’s physical and emotional maturation. It affords them the opportunity to explore, uncover, learn, and test their capabilities. Recent research underscores that the majority of brain development transpires during the first five years of life, with play exerting a profound influence.


Unfortunately, there has been a decline in the amount of free play available to children, which can detrimentally affect their overall well-being. Our objective is to ignite the flame of learning through play, by offering a stimulating environment conducive to healthy growth. Play stands as a fundamental pillar alongside nutrition and rest.

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Through play, children acquire emotional intelligence, social acumen, academic prowess, brain development, and physical well-being. It fosters the development of decision-making, creative thinking, self-control, time management, organizational skills, and spatial awareness.


Play serves as a catalyst at our Langhorne pre k for communication, perspective-taking, mental stimulation, physical exercise, continuous decision-making, creativity, behavior regulation, an understanding of sequences, and organizational proficiency.

Different Types of Engaging Play

Funnydaffer's Role in Promoting Play

The Funnydaffer curriculum includes time for play every day during Center Time. This allows children to explore and learn through developmentally-appropriate play activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pre-k Langhorne PA?

Children Central provides an exceptional pre-k program in Langhorne, PA, for children ages 4-5 to prepare them for kindergarten. Contact us today to enroll your child in our Langhorne pre k program by calling us at (215) 398-1076.

What pre kindergarten curriculum does Children Central use?

Children Central uses the research-based, play-oriented Funnydaffer curriculum which aligns with PA early learning standards. Contact us today to enroll your child in our Langhorne pre k program by calling us at (215) 398-1076.

What are the best pre k programs near me in Langhorne, PA?

Yes, Children Central has a top pre-k program Langhorne PA with the Funnydaffer curriculum focused on whole child development. Search “pre k program near me” to learn more. Contact us today to enroll your child in our Langhorne pre k program by calling us at (215) 398-1076.

What is the best pre kindergarten near me?

Children Central’s Langhorne pre kindergarten program is one of the best with its Funnydaffer curriculum and emphasis on learning through play. Contact us today to enroll your child in our Langhorne pre k program by calling us at (215) 398-1076.

Does Children Central offer a pre k program for 3 year olds?

No, the Pre K program Langhorne PA at Children Central is for 4 to 5 year olds only. However, you can enroll in our Preschool Program which is offered for 3 to 4 year olds. Contact us today to enroll your child in our Langhorne pre k program by calling us at (215) 398-1076.

What are the teacher qualifications at Children Central's Langhorne pre-k program?

Our teachers have degrees in early childhood education and are experienced in teaching this age group. We provide ongoing professional development as well. Contact us today to enroll your child in our Langhorne pre k program by calling us at (215) 398-1076.

How can I get more information or schedule a tour of Children Central?

Please visit our website for more details and to book a tour to see our pre-k classrooms. We are happy to answer your questions! Contact us today to enroll your child in our Langhorne pre k program by calling us at (215) 398-1076.

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