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Back to School Safety Tips for Parents

It’s been a wonderful summer, but now it’s time to go back to school. Prepare your child for heading back to school with the proper back to school safety tips. You can help your child return to school with the peace of mind that your little one is safe.

Back to School Safety Tip #1: Fill Out Paperwork

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Get your pens ready! It’s time to fill out forms during back to school season.

There is lots of paperwork at the beginning of the school year, but it’s important! Some of the forms you will fill out include emergency contact information. Make sure your child’s school and child care centers have information on who to contact in the event of an emergency. You can also use this opportunity to update any paperwork on your child’s medical conditions and vaccine history.

Be sure to include the names and contact information of adults who are approved to pick up your child from school or a child care center. Schools and child care centers should only release your child to individuals you have previously approved in forms during the enrollment period. You want to make sure you update your child’s identification. It is recommended to update your child’s photo identification every six months.

Back to School Safety Tip #2: Get a Good Backpack

You want to make sure your child’s backpack does not your his back. You can avoid spinal issues by making sure the backpack is properly strapped. Make sure the backpack isn’t too heavy. Look for ergonomically correct backpacks for your child’s alignment. As you are back to school shopping, find a backpack that has proper cushioning for your child’s comfort as well.

Back to School Safety Tip #3: Develop Sanitary Habits

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It’s time to get back to the classroom! Here are some back to school safety guidelines.

Going back to school means being around lots of children and germs. Take time to teach your child about washing his hands before eating and after using the restroom or going outside.

Teach your child what he should do when he coughs or sneezes to reduce the spread of colds in schools. If you can instill good hygiene habits in your child, you can help prevent spreading colds. Help your little one learn not to touch his eyes or mouth, especially during cold season.

Back to School Safety Tip #4: Become Familiar With The Bus Route

If your child uses a bus route, help your child become familiar with which bus to take. Take your child out a few times on walks to the bus stop and on the bus route so you can help him identify houses or businesses on his way. This can help your child feel comfortable and confident when it’s time to hop on the bus on the first day of school!

Back to School Safety at Children Central Child Care and Learning Center

Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance at Children Central Child Care and Learning Center. Our safety and security precautions start when you and your child enter through the front door. As parents, you will have a special authorized code to enter. Only authorized personnel have authorization to enter. This way we can keep your child safe.

Our teachers undergo an intensive screening and background checks to make sure your child is in good hands. Teachers at Children Central are trained in pediatric first aid and CPR in the event of a medical emergency. Our classrooms have observation windows and security cameras.

Enroll your child in a program at Children Central Child Care and Learning Center today!



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