7 Things Your Child Will Learn in our Langhorne Preschool

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7 Things Your Child Will Learn in our Langhorne Preschool

As a parent, it is important to understand that your child’s early years are crucial in their development. To help them reach their highest potential, you should choose a preschool that will give them well-rounded experiences and allow them to grow in various areas. Children Central, our Langhorne preschool, offers a program that focuses on holistic child growth and development. Not only does our program promote brain development in children; it also promotes emotional development.

If you are considering a preschool like Children Central, here are seven things that your child will learn in our Langhorne Center.

The Alphabet

One of the most important things your preschooler will ever learn is the alphabet. This is essential to their pre-reading skills. Our Langhorne preschool does more than just teach kids how to sing the ABC song. Children learn about letters and how these letters correspond with sounds to form words. We will teach them how to recognize both uppercase and lowercase letters. They will also learn to recognize words that are meaningful to them as well as their own names.


Numbers are another important lesson that our Langhorne preschool teaches kids. We prepare kids for when they proceed to Kindergarten. This means even if your children are preschool age, they will already be learning the foundations of mathematics. They will be taught how to count and memorize the order of numbers. Then they will also associate numbers with objects as they correspond.

Langhorne preschool

Kids learn about colors and shapes in preschool

Colors and shapes

Your preschoolers will also learn how to identify and name colors and shapes. This will help further develop their creativity, as well as their language skills. Learning about shapes is also an important step to prepare them for Geometry lessons in the coming years.

Socialization and independence

Before your little ones start Kindergarten, they should have a sense of independence. They should also be comfortable socializing and connecting with their peers and teachers. These are some of the things that they will learn from our Langhorne preschool. Here, they will be given activities that will teach them how to follow simple instructions. Kids will also learn how to work with a group and communicate effectively. This is the perfect time for them to feel confident around others and do activities on their own without their parents.

Learning through playing

In our Langhorne preschool, we make sure that your kids will love the whole learning experience. It’s not always about academics. Your children will be given more opportunities to learn through play. Play is critical to the development of a child. This is an excellent activity for them to express themselves and their creativity. Through play, they develop better memory, attention, problem-solving skills and language use. There will be a balance between seated activities and play to make sure that your child maximizes learning in our preschool.

Langhorne preschool

Kids who are sent to preschool are better prepared for Kindergarten

Early Science concepts

Children at Children Central will also learn about how the world works. They will be encouraged to observe and explore their environment. They are given the opportunity to ask as many questions as they want to expand their vocabulary and knowledge.

Fine and gross motor skills

Preschool is the best time for your kids to practice their fine and gross motor skills. In our Langhorne preschool, they will get to practice their motor skills by means of helpful activities like making arts and crafts. They will learn how to use scissors for better eye and hand coordination. This is when they can fine tune their grip and finger strength. Gross motor skills are also being taught at this stage, too. Your kids will be given the chance to have a lot of active play and outdoor activities to enhance coordination.


If you are considering a Langhorne preschool for your child, you can be assured that you’re making the right decision. We have a preschool program tailored to suit the needs of your kids.



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