7 Summer Enrichment Ideas for Your Preschooler … in Yardley!

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7 Summer Enrichment Ideas for Your Preschooler … in Yardley!

During summer break, preschoolers do not stop learning just because school is out. Summer enrichment activities give them chances to keep exploring. During this young age, children’s brains are constantly developing and making new connections. New educational experiences help this process. You want your children to have the best chances in life, so this can be stressful without help. Luckily you do not have to do it alone because there are many resources in the community. Listed below are some ideas for enrichment for your preschooler in Yardley.

Arts and Literature for the Preschool Student

preschool student | Children Central in Yardley

Art widens childrens’ imaginations

Early childhood experts encourage art education in preschoolers. This helps them learn to solve problems and make choices. Preschoolers also get the chance to express themselves and create something of their own. Along with art, reading is also helps with cognitive development. These are both great options for summer enrichment.

Paint a Treasure, located 20 minutes from Yardley in Hamilton, is a great place for summer enrichment in the arts. Children can paint canvases and pottery using acrylic paints on a walk-in or appointment basis. They can also design mosaics with colorful tiles and grout. The friendly staff is always available to make suggestions and offer lessons. When finished, the children can take their artwork home.

The Yardley free public library offers many summer enrichment programs for preschool children. Toddler Time and Babies and Books are some groups that meet regularly. They also have monthly story times followed by play sessions. During the summer, there is a summer reading program that offers prizes for books each child reads.

Exercise and Motor Skills for Preschool Enrichment

Preschoolers have mastered walking, but they have many other balance and physical skills to learn. The best way for them to develop their motor skills is through a process of trial and error. As parents, it is important to give your child an appropriate environment to challenge these skills.

Located in Levittown, about 15 minutes from Yardley, Bouncing Off the Walls is one such place for summer enrichment. This facility offers equipment like mats, climbing areas and moon bounces for children and parents to play. They serve children from crawling age to 8 years old. This means preschoolers can challenge themselves at increasing skill levels.

My Gym in Yardley offers specialized classes to help preschoolers develop balance and movement skills. This facility offers summer enrichment classes that target specific age groups. Preschoolers can progress from Gymsters, ages 23 months to 2-1/2 years, to Terrific Tots, ages 2-1/2 years to 3-1/4 years, and to Mighty Mites, ages 3 years to 4-1/2 years.

Outdoor Activities

summer camp | Children Central in Yardley

Children love playing in the sun

With the advancements in technology, many youngsters do not spend enough time outside. There are many health benefits to increased outdoor activities for children. These include vitamin D absorption, healthier immune systems and fitter and stronger bodies. Spending time in nature also nurtures respect for the earth and creative thinking.

At the Silver Lake Nature Center in Bristol, only 20 minutes from Yardley, preschoolers can experience nature. This facility has trails, a large lake and a 1-acre play area specifically for young children. There is also an indoor visitor’s center featuring educational displays. Throughout the year, they have classes about different topics like animals and conservation. Plus, there is a 2-week summer camp for preschoolers.

A closer option, Tyler State Park in Newtown, 10 minutes from Yardley. This park also provides outdoor summer enrichment for preschoolers. Families can spend time walking the trails and enjoying the large lake. There are also hands-on nature classes and opportunities to experience outdoor theater.

Also 10 minutes from Yardley in Morrisville, Snipes Farm and Education Center is a great summer enrichment activity. This is a local farm that teaches the community about farming and appreciating the earth. Children love the interactive classes and tours.

These are some options to help you plan activities for enrichment for your preschooler in Yardley. There are also summer camps at many local preschools like Children Central. This way, their development can continue while out of school so they are ready to return in the fall.



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