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Check Your Langhorne Preschool Center For Safety

As you may already know, the process of finding the right Langhorne preschool is a difficult task. Parents are looking for preschools that offer the best educational programs.  The best staff and high marks from other parents are also key.  One factor that will also affect your choice should be preschool safety. Parent should make sure that their children are in a safe environment and cared for by staff that takes safety seriously.

So how can you check your Langhorne preschool center for safety?

Langhorne preschool Children Central Preschool Safety Starts with the Facility.  The first thing to check is if the child care facility is properly licensed.  Children are at risk if the facility is not licensed.  The license shows that they are operating under strict safety guidelines. For a Langhorne day care center, you can look up the state or city’s database to see if their license is effective. Preschool licenses are also available by the state but can often be harder to research.

Here are some things to look for when researching Langhorne preschools or daycares.

Is the center meeting state and local safety guidelines?  Are they following the rules on the number of children that each caretaker has?   There are even guidelines to check on napping children every few minutes to ensure that they are in proper sleeping positions.  Each city and state will have a different set of safety guidelines.

Most states have an inspection history reports available to the public.    These reports will show the number of violations, if any, and their severity of these violations.  Langhorne preschools or daycares not operating within the guidelines, will have violations reported.  Some may be minor violations like having some menu items that do not meet nutritional guidelines.

The Staff Sets Precedence for Daycare or Preschool Safety

Ask to see what kind of background checks that the facility runs on thier staff.  Do they conduct Health immunity, criminal and child abuse background checks? Is the staff taking care of your child when you’re not there properly trained?  Can they tend to your child in case of an emergency?

Does the staff have pediatric first aid training? D o they have the training to administer CPR?  Are there clear fire drills and other safety precautions being conducted? You may want to talk to the staff to get an idea of how they operate their classrooms. You may also want to talk with the coordinator to see what is done to keep children safe in the facility.

Sit in on Classes to Check for Day care or Preschool Safety

Children Central Child CareTo properly check for day care or preschool safety, you may want to sit in on classes unannounced. By doing this, you can observe how the classes are conducted and how the staff tends to the children. If you feel like something is wrong with how certain things are done, take action. Talk with the coordinator and do your due diligence in researching child care safety tips.

One of the best school safety tips for parents is to make sure that the environment is child-proof. Look around the premises to see if sharp objects and other dangerous tools are out of reach. Ensure that there are safety latches that prevent kids from opening drawers. Check to see that electrical cords and sockets are not accessible to kids. Talk to other parents to get real child care testimonials. Ask about their experience and how the facility compares to other Langhorne child care centers.

Day care and preschool safety should be on the top of the list for both you and the center. If you feel like the facility isn’t taking it as seriously as they should, then it’s a sign that you should research the alternatives. You’ll find that many other Langhorne child care programs have very strict safety guidelines and training. If you’re looking for a flexible child care facility with that’s on top of practicing the strictest of safety guidelines, contact Children Central.  We will be happy to show you around and explain how we apply day care and preschool safety guidelines to our center.



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