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Nanny vs Newtown Daycare Center: A Guide To Your Local Family

Choosing between a nanny and a Newtown daycare center as a parent with kids is the biggest challenge while working. The two popular options for working families are hiring a private nanny or enrolling your child in a daycare center.

While both options provide quality care, they differ in ways that can impact your child’s upbringing. This blog will explore the key differences, pros, and cons of choosing a nanny and a Newtown daycare center.

Flexibility & Availability


When you hire a private nanny, you have much more flexibility and control in determining childcare schedules. Full-time nannies usually work 8-10 hours per day. However, you can customize the exact hours needed on weekdays, nights, and weekends. For example, if you sometimes get off work early, the nanny can end earlier those days. Many local nannies are also open to occasional date night babysitting.

Daycare Centers

While some Newtown daycare centers have part-time programs, most have fixed weekly schedules between set hours of operation. Enrolling at a reputable daycare center in Newtown means accepting their open hours and closed holidays. Hence, daycare centers offer less flexibility than a private nanny. Yet, some families prefer the structure a steady Newtown daycare center schedule provides over informal nanny care.

Curriculum & Learning


For families prioritizing education, some nannies have backgrounds in early childhood development. They come equipped with various curriculum ideas like creative lessons and educational games. Such creative and developmental activities stimulate young minds. Be sure to ask about their vision for educating children during interviews. Since they come to your home, nannies spend more one-on-one time catering exactly to your child’s interests and learning.

Newtown Daycare Centers

Unlike that, Newtown daycare centers have teams of staff that design research-based curriculums. Their early learning curriculum nurtures skills at each developmental stage. Their age-appropriate activities and structure can be great for social growth.

However, such centers have higher child-to-teacher ratios than a nanny provides. Hence, the learning plans tend to be more one-size-fits-all. Centers invest in safe facilities conducive to early learning that families can’t have at home. 

Continuity of Care


Hiring a private nanny for a multi-year contract means that aside from planned time off, the same caregiver remains consistent until no longer needed. This allows your child to form a close bond and emotional security with someone that feels like family. Be sure to do background checks and security before welcoming a new person into your home.

Daycare Centers

While consistency varies from daycare center to center, Newtown daycare centers generally have higher employee turnover. Your child bonds with teachers and classmates during the year but staffing changes do occur. Ask management about their retention rates. However, unlike a nanny that leaves your child needing new care, centers have many teachers who can maintain operations during staff changes.

Average Cost Differences


Local full-time nannies cost a median of $800 per 50-hour week ($16/hour) in 2024, adding up to over $41,000 per year. Expect around two weeks of paid time off. Besides salary, you also pay payroll taxes for household employees. While certainly an investment, nannies become like family, with babies and children achieving devoted one-on-one attention.

Daycare Centers

Quality full-time daycare centers in Newtown cost $300-400+ weekly. Unlike nannies charging by the hour, Newtown daycare center rates are generally fixed regardless of hours in attendance. Annual costs thus shook out to $15-20k. While eliminating nanny payroll complexities, centers with more families absorbing operating costs have higher combined budgets supporting specialized resources children benefit from. Don’t forget to research availability, as popular centers have notorious waitlists.

Pros and Cons of Professional Nanny

These are the major pros and cons of hiring professional nanny for your kids.

nanny services pros, nanny services cons,

Nanny Pros

Tailored one-on-one care and bonding:

Unlike a busy classroom, a nanny cares solely for your child. Hence, it allows personalized attention to their interests, needs, and development. This fosters a special nurturing bond.

Nurturing home environment:

Nannies come right to your home rather than shuffling kids to another facility. Hence, allowing care in a comforting space with familiar surroundings, routines and often pets or siblings.

Flexible hours and scheduling:

Nanny schedules and duties can be customized around your family’s changing needs instead of adhering to strict daycare hours. Want to get home at 4 rather than 5pm some days? No problem.

Often help with household duties:

Many nannies take on small responsibilities like children’s laundry, meal prep, or organization during the week.

Consistent care from the same provider:

Choosing the right long-term nanny means consistent care from someone that becomes like family over months or years. Kids thrive with minimal transitions.

Nanny Cons

High annual costs:

At about $41,000 salary plus taxes for 50 hours/week, nanny care is a major expense, especially considering daycare averages $15-20k yearly.

High annual costs:

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Lack of socialization:

Without a classroom of peers, nanny care lacks chance to develop key social skills. Shy kids may have a harder time adjusting to kindergarten.

Responsible for payroll/taxes:

Navigating tax rules around household employees involves extra administrative workload, like paying payroll taxes.

Lose childcare if nanny leaves:

If a beloved nanny relocates or resigns, it causes a disruptive transition, finding new care last minute, unlike daycare backup.

Pros and Cons of Newtown Childcare

Below are the major pros and cons of enrolling your kids in Newtown childcare. 

newtown daycare cemter pros and cons

Daycare Center Pros

Develops social skills:

Learning with classroom peers, sharing toys, and negotiating from toddler years builds interpersonal abilities.

Structured learning curriculum:

Well researched activity plans nurture development level by level. Classrooms have more educational toys than most can provide at home.

Tax documentation provided:

Centers handle administrative payroll, taxes, and paperwork for you.

Backup staff available:

Unlike losing childcare if a nanny leaves, daycare centers have enough staff to fill gaps if teachers are out.

Daycare Center Cons

Group setting with higher ratios:

Even the best centers have around four infants per teacher. Kids have less customized attention than a devoted nanny provides.

Less flexibility with hours:

Centers have fixed schedules and closed holidays, with financial penalties for changes. Nannies accommodate families’ needs.

Higher transition risk with staff turnover:

While centers work to retain teachers, turnover still occurs. For some kids, new teachers take adjustment time.

Closed on more holidays:

Daycares are closed for all major holidays, winter/spring breaks, and even professional development days. Hence, alternate care.

Waitlists at some facilities:

Again, highlighting limited flexibility, some exceptional area daycares have 1–2-year waitlists. Nannies just need a phone call.


Determining the right childcare program lays the groundwork for your child’s growth and success down the road. While the decision to hire a full-time nanny in Newtown versus enrolling in daycare centers poses challenges, the insights above provide clarity for families making this decision.


Both childcare options have merit depending on what environment and budget suits your needs. Trust your instincts as a parent, ask lots of questions, and weigh all considerations before choosing where your little ones will spend their days.

Children Central - Trusted Daycare in Newtown

Looking for a nurturing, secure, and focused environment for your child to learn and grow? Children Central provides customized care from infants through pre-K with dedicated teachers focused on development. Call (215) 398-1076 now to schedule a tour of our state-of-the-art facility operating in six locations, including Newtown, PA.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are good arguments on both sides. Nannies provide more customized and attentive care. Unlike that, childcare services offer socialization and set learning plans. Weigh factors like childcare costs and learning methods before making a final decision.
Great local nannies can be discovered through sites like Sitter City, local Facebook groups, or agencies that vet nannies. Be sure to conduct interviews and background checks and call references yourself as well.
Key questions include nanny qualifications, experience level, and educational philosophy. Also, ask how they would spend a typical day and duties beyond childcare they can help with. Also, get insights about their longest prior commitments to determine expected tenure.
While prices range based on age and facility, average weekly full-time rates at reputable Newtown preschools cost $300-400 per week, or $15k-20k yearly.
Top daycares often have 12+ month-long waitlists for infants and peak preschool ages. Call centers you prefer six months to a year before needing care to have the best chance at an opening.
Key questions range from teacher turnover and curriculum details to healthy meal policies. Other questions include potty training approaches, enrichment offerings, outdoor play spaces, and discipline methods.
Yes, you are liable as a household employer to pay federal, state, and local payroll taxes for nannies. Many agencies can handle payments or provide guidance on nanny tax rules.
Sharing a nanny with another family by coordinating overlapping care hours can defray nanny costs. But it means more kids and negotiation. Make sure to draft detailed shared contracts.
Absolutely – even an experienced nanny can surprise you or might not mesh personally after the honeymoon phase. A standard 30–60-day trial written in the job offer protects both parties.
The childcare centers that are licensed and accredited by NAEYC offer high quality. Always, look for ratios, staff retention rates, facility age, and state inspection results. But nothing beats an in-person tour paying close attention to interactions. While inspecting, always prefer a safe environment over other amenities.


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