What to Look for in a Quality Child Care Center

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What to Look for in a Quality Child Care Center

quality child care centers

As you search for quality child care centers to enroll your little one, what should you look for in a quality child care center?

Quality Child Care Center Safety

One of the biggest concerns for any parent as the parent searches for a caretaker or professional child care center will be safety. How secure is the child care center? Have the rooms been childproofed in order to keep your child’s curious fingers away from dangerous areas? You can have a lot of these questions answered if you visit the child care center before enrolling your child. Taking the time for a visit before enrolling your child can give you peace of mind.

Training of Child Care Center Employees

As you look at different child care centers, you will want to make sure you figure out what credentials the caretakers have. How much training does each staff member have? What types of screenings do employees have to pass to work with your children? The more information you find on the expertise and safety training of the child care center staff, the more at ease you will feel when the day comes to drop your child off at a daycare center for the first time.

Quality Child Care Curriculum

HighReach Learning Curriculum Langhorne PA

As you search through child care centers in your area, you may find that different after-school programs and pre-kindergarten programs focus on different areas of your child’s development. You will want to find a child care center that has programs that fall in line with what you want your child to learn.

At Children Central Child Care and Learning Center, we focus on building your child’s physical, cognitive and social development. We not only socialize your child and help nurture a sense of play and curiosity, but we also make sure that your child is learning what she needs to at her age. Children Central Child Care Programs use the HighReach Learning Curriculum, which is aligned with Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards. Our comprehensive curriculum was developed by using the best practices in early childhood education, and our curriculum encourages learning through guided play and active discovery!

Children Central Child Care and Learning Center

At Children Central Child Care and Learning Center, our staff is highly trained and meticulously screened so you know your child is in safe and qualified care. Children Central staff members all have Child Abuse Clearance, Criminal Background Clearance, FBI Fingerprint Clearance, and a Health Assessment Clearance that includes a Tuberculosis screening and a physical exam every two years. Children Central staff members also have multiple character references, so you can rest assured that we have only the best caretakers at Children Central!

Our Children Central employees have Pediatric First Aid Training, CPR Training, and Fire Safety Training. We take pride in telling our parents at Children Central that Children Central staff members also all have 24 hours of professional training. A large percentage of our staff has earned degrees in early childhood education, which is how Children Central has a Keystone STARS 4 Rating!

If you would like to learn more about who leads your child’s specific daycare program, meet our staff and read any specific staff member’s biography! We look forward to meeting you and being a part of your child’s early years as she grows up!



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