Jump-Start Your Child’s Education, Close The Preschool Gap

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Jump-Start Your Child’s Education, Close The Preschool Gap

The traditional start of school has long been the age of five when a child enters kindergarten. But, research shows that the benefits of early childhood education programs that parents should consider sending children to school at age three. Parents should consider a high-quality, structured preschool in Yardley. We all know that the expectations of kindergartners have increased over time. Remember half-day kindergarten? Nap time? No more!

Read on for the benefits of preschool to your child’s education.

Avoid the Preschool Achievement Gap

children at preschool will not be affeced by the preschool achievement gap

Attending preschool increases the chances of success in life

Yep – it’s a real thing. Let’s take a deeper look at preschool vs. no preschool statistics. Education experts agree and the research is indisputable. The preschool gap is the difference between children that have attended a high-quality preschool program and those that have not.

It shows that early childhood education is an important part of brain development before the age of five. According to the US Department of Education, 90 percent of the brain’s capacity is established before age five. There’s no better time to feed your child’s brain than now with early childhood education. To avoid the preschool gap, nourish their brain with help from a quality preschool.

The National Education Association reports that children who were in preschool earned $2,000 more per month as adults than children who were not. As adults, preschool attendees were also more likely to own a home and have a successful marriage. They further report that children who did not go to preschool were more likely to repeat a grade or get into legal trouble. Talk about adding to parental pressure!

Immediate, Short-Term Benefits

A formal preschool program provides an unmatched opportunity for a child to learn social skills. It also helps them practice social cues outside of the home with other adults and peers. They learn how to share toys, wait for a turn, how to wash their hands, or to use the bathroom.

They practice patience in waiting to enter a conversation and in a structured and warm environment too. Children learn to respect and listen to authority and learn to follow instructions. Sitting still is expected by kindergarten age, and is practiced daily in a preschool program through circle time or reading aloud. Additionally, the daily practice in emotional control and problem-solving goes a long way with building confidence as they enter kindergarten.

Long-Term Benefits

Let’s face it – your child will be in a school setting for a pretty long time. Why not set them up for success? Studies show that early childhood education lays the foundation for later academic achievement. A high-quality preschool program nurtures a child’s natural curiosity. It’s also critical for maintaining an excitement for learning in their later years. All while still learning impulse control and time-management techniques.
Other long-term benefits of early childhood education to consider? Think of what you do in your adult life – things like teamwork and compromising. Preschool is a perfect environment to train the brain to work with confidence.

They’re Not All the Same

child drawing

A good preschool will ensure the full benefits of early childhood education

Do your homework. It is critical that your child is in enrolled in a well-rounded and quality program. What do we mean by that?

  • Learning happens during play, too! Choose a preschool that values play as much as it values traditional academics. Time for imaginative and pretend play, along with music, story-telling, and gross motor activities (such as playground time) are critical in child development.
  • Ensure that teachers in your selected preschool program are certified, participate in continuing education classes, and that the facility is licensed by the state. Even better? Ask about any degree and educational requirements and/or certifications of the teachers.
  • Evidence-based curriculum. Ask to see your preschool’s yearly program plans. Ask who designed the program and how long the program has been in place.
  • Ask for References. Any reputable preschool will allow prospective parents to get in touch with current parents to discuss the program. Do you want to go a step further? Check with teachers at your local kindergarten. In their opinions, what area preschool programs are preparing children best?

Above all, book an appointment with a trustworthy preschool in Yardley to observe a class in session. You and your child will be glad you did.



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