How to Limit Screen Time for Kids: 7 Tips for Every Parent

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How to Limit Screen Time for Kids: 7 Tips for Every Parent

In the modern era that we live in, children are born and raised with gadgets in their everyday lives. As parents, we are normally stuck with the question of how to limit screen time use of our kids. Though it would take a lot of effort to decline their request to use their gadgets, controlling screen time can benefit them in several different ways. It can be a challenge, but here are 7 tips on how to limit screen time in young kids.



Before teaching your kids the dangers of too much screen time, be sure to be well-educated about how these gadgets work. Some kids will trick you if you don’t know how to use them – and they’ll end up with more screen time usage when you’re not looking. Learning about these electronic devices will also minimize the risk of putting your child in possible danger. Also, have a conversation with them about what you’ve discovered so they, too, are aware of the consequences from too much use.



Children usually see their parents as an example of almost anything they do. When they see you on your mobile phones the entire day, they will imitate what you’re doing and use their gadgets all day too. Tell your family members to model healthy electronic usage so your children won’t have an opportunity to copy any unhealthy screen time behaviors at home. 



Let your house have multiple technology-free zones wherein they won’t be tempted to use gadgets and instead recognize areas of the home as they should be. Make sure your child’s bedroom isn’t filled with electronic devices that will keep them from bedtime. They need to recognize the bedroom as a place of sleeping and not playing with electronic gadgets. You can start by creating a playroom filled with physical toys instead of these gadgets. 



When your child seems to like painting and other forms of art, encourage them to do more of it. This is one of the most effective ways to limit screen time for kids. You may also enroll them in special classes that focus on their passion and optimize their potentials, skills and talents. 


Here are some other activities they could try:


  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Theater 
  • Biking
  • Board games
  • Ball games



For younger kids, obtain their passwords and keep a close eye on their online activities. Make sure to protect your kids from viewing untrusted sites that might expose them to explicit content.  The moment you start using these parental controls, you are assured that your kids’ activities are monitored. Hopefully they will avoid any dangerous content with your oversight. Though for teens, monitor them once in a while for them to have a chance to explore on their own. 



The moment you wake up and are about to sleep are the best times to unplug devices. The moment they  see that their mobile gadgets still need to be charged, they might look for another activity to do. And while they are at it, make sure that the other options in sight are those that limit their screen time use.  While their gadgets are unplugged, introduce them to a new hobby or sport that requires their physical energy, like learning how to ride a bike. 



Try asking them to do some simple household chores, like clearing the table, folding their laundry, organizing their toys or cleaning their rooms. After they finish their simple tasks, that’s when they can use their mobile devices or other electronic gadgets. Reward your child with the gadgets they really love afterwards. You can also track their activities to encourage them to do other helpful and healthy activities instead.


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