Fun Summer Child Care Activities

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Fun Summer Child Care Activities

The summer is a great time to design summer child care activities with your children. Summer is an important time to prepare your child for the upcoming school year. There are many options for summer childcare activities that you, as a parent or caregiver, can use! Keep your child learning and having fun with these summer childcare activities.



summer child care activities

Outdoor Summer Child Care Activities

When the weather is nice in the summer, take your child outside to experience nature. Have an afternoon picnic or play outdoor games in a local park. You can go to a farmer’s market and teach your child about different fruits and vegetables, and even various cultures! You can cool off by playing in the sprinklers or having a water balloon fight. Don’t forget to bring your child a bathing suit, towel, and change of clothes for water play.



Don’t forget to load up on SPF sunscreen and grab your sunglasses before having your fun in the sun! Proper sun protection can keep you both having fun while still keeping you safe from harmful UV rays during these outdoor summer childcare activities.

Indoor Summer Child Care Activities

When the heat can be too much, take your fun indoors for your childcare activities this summer. Make crafts out of everyday recycled items. Take this time to teach your children about different shapes and their values. Boost your child’s creativity by making puppets out of brown paper bags and having a puppet show!



You can build activities from the school’s reading list or create your own reading list! Build incentives to keep your child reading with a rewards system. This system can include fun activities like making your own root beer or going to a ball game!

summer child care activities

Summer Child Care Activities with Children Central Child Care

At Children Central Child Care and Learning Center, our summer childcare activities are fun and educational. Children Central offers summer childcare activities through Adventure Camp and Cub Camp.



Children Central Adventure Camp is for children ages 5-10+ and is run by our trained and trustworthy childcare staff.  Adventure Camp includes many summer childcare activities on our campus and field trips. Last year, our campers visited Giggle Magic, Adventure Golf, Styer Orchard for fruit picking, and Churchville Nature Center, to name a few!



Our Cub Camp for children ages 4 and up is run by our Pre-Kindergarten teachers, and our camp has weekly themes for summer childcare activities. We have activities like weekly water play on our large playground. We also take field trips to nearby venues, such as the movie theater, to see children’s movies.



Enroll your child in Cub Camp or Adventure Camp today! We waive Adventure Camp enrollment fees for students enrolled in our After-School Program or Elementary School Drop-Off Day Program. If you would like to join in on the fun, ask a Cub Camp Director if you can volunteer as a chaperone with our summer camps.


In conclusion, summer presents a wonderful opportunity for parents and caregivers to engage in enriching childcare activities with their children. These activities not only offer a chance for fun and bonding but also play a vital role in preparing children for the upcoming school year. 



Whether you choose outdoor adventures to connect with nature, explore indoor crafts and creativity, or enroll in programs like Children Central Child Care’s Adventure Camp and Cub Camp, there are countless options to keep children learning and having a great time during the summer months. 


Remember, fostering a safe and enjoyable environment with proper sun protection is key to making the most of these outdoor experiences. 


So, embrace the season and create lasting memories with your child through these summer childcare activities. 



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