Fun Alert: 13 Remarkable Circle Time Ideas for Infants and Toddlers

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Fun Alert: 13 Remarkable Circle Time Ideas for Infants and Toddlers

Circle time is important for infants and toddlers. It engages them in activities that help them to learn and grow. At the Langhorne Preschool, it is an important part of our daily routine for children. Below are thirteen excellent circle time ideas for infants and toddlers.

1. Song Board

Having a “song board” that lets children pick the song their group sings is a fun activity.  This is a good idea for preschoolers.

2. Story Time

Telling a story and letting children add characters and settings keeps the children engaged. It is fun for them and for you! You are also less likely to lose their attention.

3. Coloring Sheets or Books

Langhorne preschool Children centralThis activity promotes artistic creativity and hand-eye coordination in children. It also allows them to create something on their own. Provide them with all the tools necessary and let them create! At the Langhorne Preschool, this is a daily part of our curriculum.



4. Playing Simple Musical Instruments

Give the children instruments that are easy to play. Doing this allows them to have fun while socializing with others. It also teaches them about the many different musical instruments and sounds they make. This keeps them busy and entertained!

5. Magnetic Letters

Use magnetic letters to allow children to spell out simple words. Give some examples that they can copy.  let them associate letters and words with pictures.  This will teach them basic language skills.  Be sure every child gets a chance to arrange the letters at least once.

6. Weather Spinwheel

Make a simple spin wheel and talk about the different kinds of weather.  Use fun props for special effects.  A spray bottle for rain,  cotton balls for clouds and a fan for wind are simple and engaging .  As far as circle time ideas for preschoolers go, this is one of the easiest and most fun!

7. Color and Shape Cube

Create a cube from an empty box.   Put shapes in different colors on each side. Have each child roll the cube and describe the color and shape that they get.  In our Langhorne child care programs, we teach shapes and colors as one of our main focuses with infants and toddlers.

8. Puppet Shows

circle time ideas for preschoolers Children Central Put on a puppet show for your children! Colorful socks or oven mits can make great puppets.  Make sure the show is a reasonable length and has a fun, easy-to-follow story.  This engages children’s minds and keeps them entertained. You can even get the children to help you make the puppets for the show! This is also a great circle time ideas for preschoolers.


9. Color Sorting With Toys

Find a several baskets. Put all the toys in one basket and ask each child to find all the toys of a certain color and put them in a separate basket. Make sure all children get a turn. This helps reinforce colors and keeps children engaged.

10. Felt Board Stories

Create a felt board for the children to interact with, creating little characters that they can rearrange and tell a story with. Make sure all children get a turn!

11. Physical Activity

Let children get out some of their energy while having fun by playing a simple physical game (like Simon Says!). You could ask them to touch their toes, do jumping jacks, or pat their tummies.

12. Letter Charts

Begin teaching your children the alphabet with simple letter charts! This is a fun and easy way for them to learn their letters by associating them with a physical object or character (A for apple, E for Elsa, etc.).

13. Food Crafts

We all know about “macaroni art”, but you can also use cereals and other food items to create crafts for your children. This keeps the children engaged and lets them create on their own! Be sure to provide the materials for them so that they can easily reach them–less mess! This may be a better activity for older, pre-school children.

At the Langhorne Daycare, we believe that circle time is important in your child’s development.. If you’re looking for an excellent care center for your children, then we are the right place for you! Check out our child care center testimonials and see for yourself!

These activities will help your child learn and grow while having fun. We incorporate these activities into our care plan at Langhorne Daycare, but you can also do them at home.  We want to give the best care to your child, so please give us a call today, or visit us online here for more information!



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