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Spreading Holiday Cheer at Children Central Daycare in Yardley 

The holiday season is a special time of year, especially for kids. As a daycare provider, you have a unique opportunity to create lasting memories and bring extra joy to the kids in your care during this festive period.  


This guide will provide creative ideas, activities, decor tips, and more to help you spread holiday cheer at your daycare in Yardley, PA. 


Children Central Daycare in Yardley PA 

Overview of Children Central Daycare 

Children Central is a well-established daycare and early learning center located in Langhorne, PA, that has been proudly serving the community since 1992. We provide exceptional care and education for infants through pre-kindergarten. Our center has expanded over the years, along with our excellent reputation. As a Keystone STARS 4-rated facility, Children Central daycare in Yardley PA has earned the highest quality distinction a Pennsylvania daycare can achieve. 

Our Mission and Values 

Our Yardley PA daycare mission is to provide a safe, nurturing educational environment to foster happy, healthy children and prepare them for lifelong achievement. At our daycare Yardley PA We believe in partnering with parents to develop capable, socially adept learners instilled with critical thinking abilities, creativity, confidence, and strong values. Our experienced daycare in Yardley PA teachers encourage exploration, critical thinking, and social development through Funnydaffer research-based curriculum aligned with state early learning standards.  


Get Into the Holiday Spirit with Festive Decorations 

Setting the scene with holiday decor is key to fostering holiday joy and excitement. Decorations visually signal the exciting season and spur the imagination about the magic of the holidays. 

Indoor Decorations 

Christmas Tree 

  • Have kids help decorate it with homemade ornaments made from salt dough or other craft materials. Let them use glitter, puffy paint, pom poms, and other embellishments to personalize their special creations. 
  • Include a photo ornament for each child featuring their picture. Send these keepsakes home at the end of the season for the kids to hang on their family trees year after year. 
  • Craft garlands from popped popcorn by having the children string the popcorn pieces with a hole puncher and thread. Also, create mini cranberry strings by piercing fresh cranberries and stringing them onto the ribbon. Drape these handmade garlands beautifully on the branches. 


Wreaths & Greenery 

  • Assist kids in crafting mini wreaths from grapevines, straw bases, or foam rings. Encourage creativity by providing holiday-themed embellishments like jingle bells, bows, feathers, pom poms, and sparkly beads for them to decorate with. 
  • Adorn classroom doorways and bulletin boards with festive strands of fresh evergreen branches interspersed with bright twinkling string lights. The real pine smell fills the room with a crisp seasonal scent. 
  • Accent wall displays and fireplaces with fluffy bows, fragrant pinecones gathered on nature walks, and tiny silver jingle bells that catch the light. 


Twinkling Lights 

  • String strands of colorful, kid-friendly LED twinkle lights around classroom windows, small trees, shelves, and play areas to cast a magical holiday glow. 
  • Opt for warm white battery-operated lights without wires that don’t get hot to the touch for safety. Clip lights out of reach so curious little hands can’t pull them down. 
  • Place flameless, control LED tea lights inside miniature glass votives and arrange them on shelving, tablescapes, or windowsills. The soft ambient flicker sets a peaceful, festive mood. 


Outdoor Decorations 

Inflatable Characters 

  • Place large, bright, inflatable décor like Santa Claus, festive snowmen, and smiling reindeer on the front lawn to instantly spread cheer as families arrive. 
  • Position giant inflatables near the entrance and intersperse with holiday greenery for an impressive display that sets the tone for a fun day ahead. 
  • Choose durable commercial-grade inflatables with tethers and lights designed to withstand winter weather and secure them properly anchored into the ground. 

Winter Signage 

  • Paint and decorate weatherproof wooden boards with fun winter phrases like “December Fun Ahead!” or “Santa’s Workshop – This Way!” 
  • Mount sign boards on sturdy posts near the daycare entrance to highlight arrival excitement. 
  • Have kids help paint and embellish second sign boards to display their seasonal artwork outside. 

Snowflake Cutouts 

  • Gather children to craft oversized magical 3D snowflakes out of white paper, glitter, and sparkly embellishments. 
  • Show them how to cut intricate snowflake patterns for hanging outdoors. Discuss geometry, symmetry, and nature’s unique designs. 
  • Hang groups of handmade snowflakes from exterior fences or walls to encourage cute photo moments for families during drop-off and pick-up times. 


Festive Activities for Young Children 


The weeks leading up to the holidays present lots of opportunities for merry programming. Fill your daycare’s schedule with seasonal activities spanning arts and crafts, games, music, sensory play, and more. Adapt festive holiday activities for varying age groups. 

Arts & Crafts 

Handprint Reindeer 

  • Decorate paper antlers with handprints. Let the kids get creative decorating their handprint reindeer art. 
  • Use puffy paint or glitter to decorate the antlers. 

Salt Dough Ornaments 

  • Include impression tools like cookie cutters. Let the kids press shapes into salt dough to make outlines. 
  • Encourage them to decorate the ornaments before baking. Kids can paint or add glitter before baking. 

Pom Pom Wreaths 

  • Encourage fine motor skills by having kids glue pom poms onto wreath forms. 
  • Have them count each pom pom as they glue to work on numbers. 

Evergreen Stamping 

  • Make stamps from real pine sprigs gathered outside. 
  • Let the kids dip the stamps in paint to make evergreen designs. 


Games & Group Activities 

Secret Santa Gift Exchange 

  • Older kids can draw names and exchange small gifts with their peers. 
  • Set a price limit and help them shop for their Secret Santa recipient. 

Name the Reindeer 

  • Quiz children on Santa’s nine reindeer using a felt board. 
  • See if they can put the reindeer in order from memory. 

Musical Chairs to Holiday Songs 

  • Incorporate festive tunes to make musical chairs even more lively. 
  • Consider adding holiday props like Santa hats or reindeer antlers. 

I Spy Christmas Edition 

  • Search for holiday details like trees, wreaths, and more in your environment. 
  • Take turns describing holiday items for kids to locate during the game. 

Sensory Play 

Pine Scented Playdough 

  • Incorporate natural evergreen scent into homemade playdough. 
  • Have kids use Christmas cookie cutters with their pine-scented playdough. 

Faux Snow Sandbox 

  • Add mini-Christmas cutouts like trees and presents buried in the sandbox. 
  • Encourage pretend play by providing toy trucks, shovels, etc. 

Red and Green Rice Bin 

  • Hide mini pompoms and other small toys in colored rice. 
  • Let kids search through with their hands to improve fine motor skills. 


Story Time & Circle Time 

Read Holiday Themed Books 

  • Read classics like The Polar Express, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, etc. 
  • Have kids act out scenes with costumes or props after reading. 

December Birthday Circle Time 

  • Incorporate holiday-themed treats when celebrating December birthdays. 
  • Play a birthday guessing game focused on winter holiday symbols. 


Prep Festive Holiday Treats & Snacks 


Incorporate merry recipes perfect for little helpers to make – and taste! Look for kid-friendly versions of classic holiday treats as well as creative, nutrient-dense options. 


Sweet Treats 

Frosty Snowman Cookies 

  • Let the kids decorate sugar cookies with white icing to look like snowmen. Provide edible decorations like chocolate chips, sprinkles, and candy to finish the snowman faces. 
  • Have a contest to see who can create the funniest or most creative snowman cookie. 

Hot Cocoa Mix Jars 

  • Package the dry ingredients for individual servings of hot cocoa in jars to give as holiday gifts. 
  • Encourage kids to decorate the jars with stickers, fabric, or other craft materials before filling them. 

Candy Cane Rice Krispie Treats 

  • Shape red and white Rice Krispie treats into a candy cane shape by molding them in your hands. 
  • Use icing to add stripes or polka dots onto the shaped Krispie treats. 

Savory Bites 

Christmas Tree Pizza Bites 

  • Let kids top bagel halves with pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni to create little Christmas tree pizzas. 
  • Have them add extra festive toppings like green pepper or pineapple trees before baking for a delightful holiday dinner. 

Holiday Sprinkle Popcorn 

  • Toss popcorn with red and green sprinkles for a sweet and salty snack for holiday lunch. 
  • Shape individual servings into holiday shapes using mini cups before adding sprinkles. 

Reindeer Bites 

  • Cut apple slices into reindeer head shapes and use pretzels for antlers. 
  • Let kids enhance their reindeer with mini chocolate chips for eyes and noses. 


Organize A Few Special Events 


Photos With Santa 

  • Hire a professional photographer to take keepsake holiday shots with Santa. 
  • Provide a festive backdrop for photos, including a Christmas tree, presents, etc. 
  • Allow families to take pictures with their own cameras, too. 

Holiday Sing-Along Show 

  • Record children singing or performing holiday songs to share digitally later. 
  • Burn performances onto a DVD to send home to parents as a keepsake. 

Celebrate Cultural Holidays 

  • Host educational events highlighting traditions for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc. 
  • Incorporate history lessons about each holiday’s meaning and origins. 


Ideas For Inexpensive Homemade Gifts & Crafts 


The holiday season is a festive time for kids to experience the joy of giving. Homemade gifts enable little ones to express their creativity while also building self-esteem. These kid-friendly gift ideas and crafts make perfect, inexpensive presents kids will love making and giving. 


Experience Gift Ideas Kids Can Assemble 

Cozy “Night In” Gift Basket 

  • Let kids decorate a basket then fill it with warm slippers, hot cocoa packets, popcorn, and DVDs to gift parents for a relaxing night in. 
  • Include ingredients and instructions for making the hot cocoa, too. 

Chore Coupon Book 

  • Have kids decorate coupon slips they can exchange with parents for a pass on typical chores. 
  • Small coupons can be for a day off one chore, while bigger ones could be for a whole weekend pass. 


Tasty Edible Gifts Kids Can Make 

Bake Festive Holiday Treats 

  • Cookie decorating provides endless fun. Let kids package up homemade decorated sugar cookies, breads, or other baked treats as gifts. 
  • Include a handwritten recipe card so recipients can recreate the tasty treats. 

Assemble Jarred Mixes 

  • Pre-measure dry ingredients for cookies, cocoa, or soup mixes in jars for kids to decorate and gift. 
  • Print and attach instructions so recipients can easily make the mixes, too. 


Ornament Crafts to Spark Creativity 

Salt Dough Keepsake Ornaments 

  • Let tiny fingers press names, dates, or shapes into soft salt dough to make custom ornaments. 
  • Kids can paint them once they dry before you bake the ornaments. 

Photo Ornaments 

  • Turn favorite family photos into custom glass photo ornaments. 
  • Decorate clear, fillable ornaments with photos printed to fit inside. 


Quick & Crafty Gift Ideas 

Handprint Artwork Gifts 

  • Framed handprint art makes a heartfelt family gift. Or use handprints to craft melamine plates and mugs printed with unique designs. 

Decorative Candles 

  • Make simple layered cube candles for kids to decorate. Add flair with paint, glitter, flowers, or other embellishments on mason jars. 

Potted Mini Evergreen Trees 

  • Gift mini potted evergreen trees decorated by kids. Plant inexpensive seedlings for sweet living gifts. 


The holiday season offers many opportunities for kids to get creative crafting gifts packed with love for family and friends. These homemade present ideas help build thoughtfulness, generosity, and other virtues alongside art skills. 


Spread Cheer to Friends and Community 


The holiday season offers many heartwarming opportunities to help others and give back. Organize age-appropriate community service projects so young kids can embrace the spirit of giving too. These ideas spread cheer while teaching important lessons on selflessness and thinking of others. 


Organize Caroling Outings to Local Nursing Homes 

  • Modify song lyrics and shorten performance length for young attention spans. 
  • Have kids make small gifts to give nursing home residents after caroling together. 

Host Card-Making Party for Veterans 

  • Provide materials for kids to make cards thanking veterans and elderly neighbors. 
  • Arrange to deliver handmade cards to brighten someone’s holiday. 

Set Up Drives to Donate Needed Items 

  • Organize a collection drive for new pajamas, books, or toiletries to donate to family shelters. 
  • Let kids decorate donation boxes and help deliver items to give a hands-on connection. 

Plan Animal Shelter Visit with Donations 

  • Have kids make treat wreaths or simple cat toys at home to donate during the animal shelter visit. 
  • Use the experience to discuss pet adoption and support local shelters to ensure a fantastic time for kids. 


The holiday season allows precious opportunities for kids to experience the reward of making someone else’s season brighter. Organize play-based service activities that spread cheer while making an impact on those in need in your community. 


Safety Tips for Managing Holiday Hazards 

The holidays introduce many exciting new objects and situations that require extra safety precautions. Follow these childcare holiday safety tips to prevent injuries and accidents while ensuring the security and safety of children.  

Anchor and Stabilize Christmas Trees 

  • Securely anchor trees in a sturdy stand placed far from exits. 
  • Check trees daily for stability and keep the bottom branches trimmed to prevent climbing injuries. 

Use Only Non-Toxic Artificial Trees 

  • Opt for flame-retardant artificial trees made with non-allergenic materials. 
  • Avoid trees with sharp wires or hard plastic needles that can scratch or cut tender skin. 

Eliminate Open Flame Candles 

  • Never leave burning candles or luminary bags unattended, even briefly. 
  • Instead, use flameless battery-operated candles to prevent dangerous burns. 

Store Fragile Decor Up High 

  • Place easily shattered glass bulbs, tinsel garland, and delicate ornaments out of reach from little hands. 
  • Opt instead for soft, lightweight, unbreakable decor pieces kids can touch. 

Address Seasonal Choking Concerns 

  • Avoid dangerous holiday foods like hard candy, nuts, and mints, which can lodge in small throats.  
  • Keep all miniature decorative embellishments well out of mouth access to prevent swallowing hazards. 


Following basic safety guidelines allows childcare centers to take full advantage of the magic and excitement the holidays offer children to explore using all their senses. 



 With a little creativity and organization, you can make your daycare center a truly magical place this holiday season. Follow all the festive holiday activity ideas discussed in this blog to ensure children have an amazing time during the holidays. Focus on fostering delight, strengthening relationships, and making memories. Building excitement around beloved traditions also plants seeds for happy holidays ahead.  


Happy Holidays from Children Central! 


The holidays create special opportunities for lasting memories and quality time at daycares. Take advantage of the festive season ahead by securing a top-rated provider for your child. Call Children Central daycare in Yardley PA at (215) 398-1076 or click here to schedule a tour of our 4-STAR Keystone rated facility today. Our experienced teachers facilitate holiday activities focused on sparking creativity, joy, and warmth with the utmost attention to safety. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


What types of festive outdoor decor could a daycare add?  

Outdoor decor ideas include positioning fun blow-up characters like Santa, snowmen, or reindeer on the lawn to greet families. Centers can also have kids make giant snowflake cutouts out of paper to hang on exterior fences and walls. Displaying fun winter signage with messages like “Santa Stop Here!” also spreads seasonal cheer. 


What kinds of arts and crafts activities can kids do for the holidays?  

Arts and craft ideas include having kids make handprint reindeer using puffy paint and glitter to decorate the antlers. Cookie cutter imprinted salt dough ornaments allow creative decorating before baking. Building pompom wreaths lets kids work on fine motor skills by gluing each piece while counting. Evergreen stamping uses real pine sprigs dipped in paint to make natural prints. 


How can a daycare incorporate sensory play for the holidays?  

Sensory ideas include adding pine scent and tree sprinkles to basic play dough for festive aroma and textures. Faux snow sandboxes can hide mini-Christmas cutouts and toys for kids to discover. Colored rice bins filled with small holiday trinkets and mini pompoms provide hours of sensory stimulation. 


What are a couple holiday-themed events a daycare could organize?  

Event ideas include hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of kids with Santa in front of a beautiful backdrop with props. Recording children singing or performing holiday songs to make into keepsake DVDs gives a memorable gift. 


What are some special experience gift ideas kids could make?  

Experience gifts like “night-in” baskets can include hot cocoa packets, holiday books, cozy slippers, and snacks to gift parents. Homemade coupon books offering a chore pass or other playful vouchers make parents smile. 


What baked treats could children create for holiday gift-giving?  

Kid-friendly edible gifts include baking and decorating sugar cookies to wrap up in cello bags tied with ribbon. Hot cocoa mixes can be jarred up using fun toppings to allow custom creations for gift recipients. 


How can kids safely help donate and spread cheer in the community?  

Community outreach ideas include caroling at nursing homes with short, simple holiday songs residents can sing along to. Making cards for homebound seniors, veterans or others spreads cheer through handmade gestures. Kids can also donate new pajamas, books, and mittens to shelters and make catnip toys for animal rescues. 


What are important holiday safety tips for a daycare environment?  

Top safety tips include securely anchoring Christmas trees, using only non-toxic decorations, keeping lit candles/open flames away from child areas, storing fragile breakables out of reach, and removing all potential choking hazards. 


What is the overall goal of holiday daycare planning?  

The goal is to create a cheerful, nostalgic environment focusing on kid delight, making lasting holiday memories, sharing beloved traditions, and building caring relationships between children, families, and teachers. 


What are some fun holiday traditions at daycare Yardley, PA? 

Popular traditions at Yardley Daycare include ornament crafting parties where kids decorate salt dough ornaments. Centers also host festive singalongs and have children put on holiday performances for parents. Parent nights with holiday cookies and cocoa are also common. Visits from Santa allow kids to take commemorative photos during their holiday best. Centers get into the spirit with lots of festive decorating, games, activities, and joyful cheer! 



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