7 Reasons Adequate Family Time is Important for Kids

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7 Reasons Adequate Family Time is Important for Kids

It’s no secret that adequate family time is paramount to building stronger bonds. It nurtures confidence and teaches our children the importance of interaction. Neglecting simple activities with the family can be detrimental to the healthy growth and development of children.Though most parents tend to be overly busy with either work or house chores, there are still ways on how to  instill quality family time.  

Here are some reasons why you should make family time a part of your routine:

Bonding time = Quality Time

Spending quality family time creates lasting memories for your kids to cherish. It also creates a positive impact on their social well-being as it brings honest and open communication that they can incorporate into their social interactions with their peers. Be sure to never take bonding time with your little one for granted, no matter how full your plate is.

Makes the kids happier  

The effects of having quality family time with your kids are far more rewarding than just buying them desired material items.  While the entire family benefits from spending time together, it also can help to enhance your child’s mood , attitude, behavior, and general happiness . Increased family time can even help your child approach misunderstandings with peers with more maturity and less judgment, which can improve your child’s overall disposition.

It boosts their self-esteem

Children are actually building their self-esteem at  times that we may not even be aware of. Seemingly random experiences like a fun family weekend getaway,, an “art sesh”  afternoon, or a family karaoke night with the family can have more impact that you realize. These experiences carry over into their social lives and positively influence how children  interact with their peers both in school and in the community What matters most is that time spent together is enjoyed and cherished. 


Improves the kids’ mental and physical health

When children feel connected to the members of their family, they become more socially engaged and their academic performance gets better. Spending quality family time also plays a significant role in  children’s mental health. Behavioral issues decrease s as children interact more positively with their peers in school. . Positive family relationships at home can even decrease the likelihood that children will abuse drugs and alcohol when they reach adolescence. 

With regard to physical health, children who are actively engaged  with family receive guidance when it comes to personal food choices, which may decrease the chances of being overweight in the long run. No matter how simple the choice, when children  are surrounded by positive nurturing family members, it will have an impact on their food selection 

Behavioral Problems Decrease

Spending quality family time together.tends to improve children’s general behavior and yield a decrease in violent behavior. The chances of children getting involved in dangerous activities like likely when they experience strong emotional connection during family time. As  children continue to learn and thrive in a safe environment, they will incorporate these lessons into their everyday lives and gain self-confidence along the way. 

Getting to know them better

There’s no better way for parents to get to know their kids than by spending time with them.  No matter how seemingly random, quick, or inconsequential, you are creating a lasting bond between you and your child.. You can create this connection by simply reading a book together, and along the way, you will even learn  about your kids’ preferences, attitudes and attributes without much effort.. Many parents ignore the value of spending time with kids and then end up asking why their children are not close with them. 

Improves their academic performance 

When children are guided in their daily activities outside of school, they are more inclined to strive for academic excellence because they have a strong support system at home. Even when they face failures along the way, they are more likely to receive positive guidance and  mentoring . In effect, When children have meaningful discussions at home ,their academic performance will benefit. 

Children are gifts in which we invest – not just financially, but as in many ways.. It is our duty to create lasting moments that they will cherish and carry on when they become parents someday. Start off by spending some quality family time and take it from there. 

For more parenting tips to guide you through in parenthood, read more of our articles at Children Central. 




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