5 Ways Summer School Helps Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

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5 Ways Summer School Helps Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

What Does My Child Need To Know For Kindergarten?

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Summer school helps kids socialize

If you’re a panicked parent right now questioning whether your child is going to be ready for kindergarten in the fall, summer school might be the right answer. More and more children are participating in these programs, and their parents see great results. If your child didn’t go to preschool, a kindergarten prep program is even more essential.

Below are five important ways that school in the summertime helps in preparing your child for kindergarten in the fall.

  1. Trustworthy Preschools In Yardley Give Children An Educational Head Start

Children who enroll in a summer program before they start kindergarten often have more knowledge than their peers. Learning the alphabet and how to count, as well as basic math, reading, science and social studies subjects will all be covered in a quality summer program. Your child will have a larger vocabulary and develop the ability to ask questions. This will be of great help in their academic career. These programs will also nurture your child’s curiosity. Parents can help encourage their child by teaching them basic skills at home, like math, and reading to them often.

  1. Kindergarten Prep Helps Kids Socialize

Summer school programs put your child in contact with other children, which leads to a couple of advantages going into kindergarten. First, your child will make friends. This is excellent for his social development: he might very well remain friends with some of the people he meets in this program for the rest of his life. Second, being around other children will teach him how to interact in a socially acceptable manner with his peers. This is especially important if your child does not have any siblings. An only child is not used to being around other children very often. Your child will learn how to take care of himself as well as others.

  1. Summer Enrichment Programs Teach Kids Proper Classroom Behavior

A summer crash course before kindergarten can be an excellent way for your child to begin to learn proper classroom behavior. For example, instead of just blurting out the answer to a question when she has the answer, your child will learn that she must raise her hand first. She will come to realize that she needs to obey classroom rules to avoid disciplinary action, such as being unable to participate in activities she wishes to. She will learn that she needs to be quiet and attentive while the teacher is talking, and that it is important for her to follow the teacher’s instructions.

  1. Kids Learn How To Interact With Teachers

If your child never attended preschool, then he has likely never had to deal with a teacher in a classroom setting before. This is obviously a skill he will have to master because he will be interacting with teachers throughout his entire educational career. A healthy respect for authority figures will be instilled in your child and he will learn how to properly pay attention to, seek help from, and listen to his teacher. This can prevent some embarrassing moments or phone calls from your child’s kindergarten teacher later if your child starts kindergarten without having learned these skills.

  1. It Gives Kids A Head Start On Basic Life Skills

summer enrichment | Children Central

Children learn how to be independent

Summer pre-kindergarten programs will give your child a leg up when it comes to developing basic life skills, such as conflict resolution. Whenever children are together, there is bound to be some form of conflict. Your child will have to learn to wait her turn, share with others and work together with her classmates. If the summer enrichment program has a class pet, your child can learn responsibility by being required to aid in caring for the pet. These programs also teach your children how to make choices and help develop critical thinking skills. Creativity is also encouraged.

Our trustworthy preschool in Yardley, Pennsylvania will provide your child with these advantages and so much more.

Our caring, qualified and fully-vetted staff are ready to see to the individual needs of your child. We understand that every child’s needs and level of development are different, which is why our summer programs can be so valuable to a child about to transition into kindergarten. Our programs are even more important if your child did not attend preschool and missed out on the development that can provide. For children who have gone through preschool, summer school before entering kindergarten can serve to reinforce what your child already learned.



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