Benefits of Day Care Programs

Making child care choices as a parent can seem overwhelming. There is so much research out there and so many options. How do you choose what is best for your child and your family? Here are just a few of the benefits when parents choose to enroll their children in day care programs.

Socialization at Day Care Programs

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Day care programs are ideal for socialization!

Many parents opt for day care programs to educate and socialize their children. If a parent were to hire a nanny, the child may only interact with one person each day.

While your child receives undivided attention with a nanny, she only sees one person. Children who spend time with other children and authority figures are more socialized.

Children who have only spent time with their parents may encounter problems when meeting another adult authority figure. At a child care center, your child gets used to taking instruction from other adult authority figures besides you as her parents. This can make the transition from home to the classroom easier for her.

Quality Curriculum at Day Care Programs

Child care is about safety and supervision. Not all child care options include an educational aspect. Spending time in a day care program can better prepare your child to handle the structure and length of a school day. Help your child learn by enrolling her in a day care program that has a good curriculum. This can help her understand that learning is fun!

Teachers at child care programs can help your child learn so she is ready for kindergarten. Studies show that enrolling your child in a day care program has long-term academic and social benefits. These studies also show that children who had a “high-quality child care” were four times more likely to graduate college with a degree.

A quality child care center program will include an educational aspect at every age range. As you search for a day care program in Langhorne or Yardley, find a child care center that emphasizes education. You can help your child understand the world around her and engage her curiosity through these programs!

Day Care at Children Central Child Care and Learning Center

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Start at Children Central Child Care and Learning Center today!

At Children Central Child Care and Learning Center, we offer day care programs for children six weeks old through kindergarten-age. Our team offers child care solutions for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We also offer an after school program for kids in kindergarten through age 11.

Children Central Child Care and Learning Center is a Keystone STARS 4 rated program. As a parent, you can take comfort knowing your child is in the best hands. She will learn every day in a safe, secure, and encouraging environment!

Our teachers and caretakers our trained and have undergone background checks. You can have the peace of mind knowing that each morning your child is around adults with the knowledge and skills to care for and educate your little one. Enroll your child in a day care program at Children Central Child Care and Learning Center today!

Back to School Safety Tips for Parents

It’s been a wonderful summer, but now it’s time to go back to school. Prepare your child for heading back to school with the proper back to school safety tips. You can help your child return to school with the peace of mind that your little one is safe.

Back to School Safety Tip #1: Fill Out Paperwork

Child Care Safety Tips

Get your pens ready! It’s time to fill out forms during back to school season.

There is lots of paperwork at the beginning of the school year, but it’s important! Some of the forms you will fill out include emergency contact information. Make sure your child’s school and child care centers have information on who to contact in the event of an emergency. You can also use this opportunity to update any paperwork on your child’s medical conditions and vaccine history.

Be sure to include the names and contact information of adults who are approved to pick up your child from school or a child care center. Schools and child care centers should only release your child to individuals you have previously approved in forms during the enrollment period. You want to make sure you update your child’s identification. It is recommended to update your child’s photo identification every six months.

Back to School Safety Tip #2: Get a Good Backpack

You want to make sure your child’s backpack does not your his back. You can avoid spinal issues by making sure the backpack is properly strapped. Make sure the backpack isn’t too heavy. Look for ergonomically correct backpacks for your child’s alignment. As you are back to school shopping, find a backpack that has proper cushioning for your child’s comfort as well.

Back to School Safety Tip #3: Develop Sanitary Habits

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It’s time to get back to the classroom! Here are some back to school safety guidelines.

Going back to school means being around lots of children and germs. Take time to teach your child about washing his hands before eating and after using the restroom or going outside.

Teach your child what he should do when he coughs or sneezes to reduce the spread of colds in schools. If you can instill good hygiene habits in your child, you can help prevent spreading colds. Help your little one learn not to touch his eyes or mouth, especially during cold season.

Back to School Safety Tip #4: Become Familiar With The Bus Route

If your child uses a bus route, help your child become familiar with which bus to take. Take your child out a few times on walks to the bus stop and on the bus route so you can help him identify houses or businesses on his way. This can help your child feel comfortable and confident when it’s time to hop on the bus on the first day of school!

Back to School Safety at Children Central Child Care and Learning Center

Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance at Children Central Child Care and Learning Center. Our safety and security precautions start when you and your child enter through the front door. As parents, you will have a special authorized code to enter. Only authorized personnel have authorization to enter. This way we can keep your child safe.

Our teachers undergo an intensive screening and background checks to make sure your child is in good hands. Teachers at Children Central are trained in pediatric first aid and CPR in the event of a medical emergency. Our classrooms have observation windows and security cameras.

Enroll your child in a program at Children Central Child Care and Learning Center today!

Top 3 Child Care Safety Criteria

When it’s time drop off your child at a child care center, you want to be certain that your child is safe. Child care safety factors in the child care center safety measures and the staff. Choose your little one’s child care center using a simple child care safety checklist.

What is Child Care?

What is Child Care Safety

Before we address child care safety, let’s all get on the same page about child care. What is child care? Child care, also referred to as childcare, is the care and supervision of a child.

Your child care options are babysitters, nannies, child care centers, preschools, and more. You can use similar child care safety criteria for any option to make sure your child is in good hands.

Child Care Safety Item #1: Supervision

An important aspect of child care safety is the supervision of your child. This child care safety indicator is the ratio of children to staff. The lower the ratio of children to staff members, the safer your child will be.

Child care employees can only provide so much attention to a large number of children. It is in your best interest to look for a child care center with small ratios of children to staff.

Child Care Safety Item #2: Security

One of the most important aspects of child care safety is security. At a child care center, there should be security measures in place. You want to know your child is safe on the property and only interacts with approved guardians and child care staff.

At Children Central Child Care and Learning Center, children are only released to individuals on your child’s enrollment records. We have security cameras and observation windows. Our center also has an electronic access system to keep your child safe. Visit our Child Care Security and Safety page to learn more child care safety and security measures.

Child Care Safety Item #3: Staff Training

Child Care Safety

An indication of child care safety at a daycare program is the training and background of child care employees. How many years have the child care employees been working with children? Are they trained in Pediatric First Aid and CPR? Have there been background checks on the child care employees to ensure your child’s safety?

Any reputable child care center will let you know about the staff’s backgrounds and special training. If your child care center is open about training and backgrounds of the staff, you are in a good place.

At Children Central Child Care and Learning Center, our staff has extensive background checks and clearances to ensure your child’s safety. You want to leave your child with someone you can trust, and we make sure we have earned that trust with clearances and safety training.

Child Care Safety at Children Central

We put child care safety first at Children Central Child Care and Learning Center. Our educated and trained staff is prepared to take the best care of your children. Our Keystone Stars 4 rating means a large majority of our staff received a degree in early childhood education.

Our staff undergoes Child Abuse Clearance, Criminal Background Clearance, FBI Fingerprint Clearance, and a Health Assessment Clearance. This health clearance includes a Tuberculosis screening and a physical exam every two years. All staff members have Pediatric First Aid Training, CPR Training, Fire Safety Training, and 24 hours of professional development.

Our qualified staff members have strong character references and are ready to put your child first at Children Central Child Care and Learning Center. Enroll your child in a child care program at Children Central today!

Benefits of Pre-Kindergarten Programs

As the conversations among parents move from best diapers to early childhood education, you may be thinking if a preschool program will benefit your child. While pre-kindergarten programs will vary at each child care center or learning center, you can arm yourself with the proper information so you feel confident enrolling your child in a Pre-K program.

What is Pre-Kindergarten?

Pre-kindergarten programs are offered by child care centers and learning centers to help prepare children for traditional elementary school programs. Pre-K programs help bridge the gap between children only knowing the world of their home and their parents to the great big world of teachers and other children. Preschool programs have been around for nearly a century in various forms.

Pre-Kindergarten Program Curriculum

pre-k program reading readiness

Preschool programs can focus on various aspects of a child’s development, and these aspects can include social, physical, academic, and emotional to name a few. All of these aspects of your child’s development serve to help your little one get ready for school!

Socialization is a primary aspect of pre-kindergarten programs, so that toddlers can get used to being around other children and authority figures that are not their parents. Pre-kindergarten programs serve as a child’s introduction into the world of a classroom, where he or she will spend many hours over the course of the next decade. The earlier a child is comfortable in the classroom, the more likely he is to thrive academically.

Teachers and child care professionals who run pre-kindergarten programs help children embrace different types of learning through various learning games and activities. This approach can instill in your child the idea that learning can be an adventure instead of something that they dread. Building your child’s love of learning can have long-term effects as they grow in the classroom.

Pre-Kindergarten Benefits

Early childhood education can make all the difference in a child’s life. Researchers suggest that children who attend a preschool program are less likely to be held back a grade later. Researchers at the Center for Public Education found that children who were enrolled in pre-kindergarten programs were nearly 40% more likely to reach an IQ of 90 by age 5 and 20% more likely to graduate high school.

Pre-Kindergarten Program at Children Central

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At Children Central Child Care and Learning Center, our Pre-Kindergarten Program has all of the aspects that prepare your child for kindergarten and big kid school! Our Pre-Kindergarten Program uses the Happily Ever After Reading Readiness Program. Our preschool reading readiness program helps children build their vocabulary and improve letter recognition and writing so that your child will be prepared for kindergarten and grade school.

We also make it a priority to take cautionary measures so you know your child is safe in our care. All Children Central staff members undergo background checks, and our child care center facility has an electronic access system so we know who is coming in and out at all times. Children are also only released to persons listed on the child’s records, which are completed by the child’s parents.

It’s not too early to enroll your child in the Pre-Kindergarten Program at Children Central Child Care and Learning Center. Contact us with your questions today!

What to Look for in a Quality Child Care Center

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As you search for quality child care centers to enroll your little one, what should you look for in a quality child care center?

Quality Child Care Center Safety

One of the biggest concerns for any parent as the parent searches for a caretaker or professional child care center will be safety. How secure is the child care center? Have the rooms been childproofed in order to keep your child’s curious fingers away from dangerous areas? You can have a lot of these questions answered if you visit the child care center before enrolling your child. Taking the time for a visit before enrolling your child can give you peace of mind.

Training of Child Care Center Employees

As you look at different child care centers, you will want to make sure you figure out what credentials the caretakers have. How much training does each staff member have? What types of screenings do employees have to pass to work with your children? The more information you find on the expertise and safety training of the child care center staff, the more at ease you will feel when the day comes to drop your child off at a daycare center for the first time.

Quality Child Care Curriculum

HighReach Learning Curriculum Langhorne PA

As you search through child care centers in your area, you may find that different after-school programs and pre-kindergarten programs focus on different areas of your child’s development. You will want to find a child care center that has programs that fall in line with what you want your child to learn.

At Children Central Child Care and Learning Center, we focus on building your child’s physical, cognitive and social development. We not only socialize your child and help nurture a sense of play and curiosity, but we also make sure that your child is learning what she needs to at her age. Children Central Child Care Programs use the HighReach Learning Curriculum, which is aligned with Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards. Our comprehensive curriculum was developed by using the best practices in early childhood education, and our curriculum encourages learning through guided play and active discovery!

Children Central Child Care and Learning Center

At Children Central Child Care and Learning Center, our staff is highly trained and meticulously screened so you know your child is in safe and qualified care. Children Central staff members all have Child Abuse Clearance, Criminal Background Clearance, FBI Fingerprint Clearance, and a Health Assessment Clearance that includes a Tuberculosis screening and a physical exam every two years. Children Central staff members also have multiple character references, so you can rest assured that we have only the best caretakers at Children Central!

Our Children Central employees have Pediatric First Aid Training, CPR Training, and Fire Safety Training. We take pride in telling our parents at Children Central that Children Central staff members also all have 24 hours of professional training. A large percentage of our staff has earned degrees in early childhood education, which is how Children Central has a Keystone STARS 4 Rating!

If you would like to learn more about who leads your child’s specific daycare program, meet our staff and read any specific staff member’s biography! We look forward to meeting you and being a part of your child’s early years as she grows up!