Health And Safety

Health And Safety

Childcare Health and Safety Policy
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Health and safety in preschool is essential. Safe child care centers are the ones every parent is looking for.


At Children Central, the health, safety, and well-being of every child is our top priority. As working parents, you can feel confident that your child is in a safe, nurturing environment that promotes healthy development.


This page outlines the childcare health and safety policy of Children Central.

A Healthy Environment

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We follow stringent cleaning and sanitation practices to limit the spread of illness. High-touch surfaces like doorknobs, tables, and toys are routinely disinfected. We use child-safe cleaning solutions approved by health agencies.


Our ventilation systems are adequately maintained with fresh air circulation. We monitor indoor air quality and make adjustments as needed.


Cots are spaced out during nap time, and bedding is washed weekly. Our health professionals teach kids quality health habits. 


Our staff gets regular training in first aid, CPR, and spotting signs of illness. Children who become sick at school are isolated. Meanwhile, parents are notified for prompt pickup. So, we promote health in our family child care.

Nutritious Meals

We provide safe food. Our breakfast, lunch, and snacks adhere to USDA guidelines. Meals include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.


A registered dietician designs our menus and accommodates the common food allergy risk. Parents provide written documentation of any allergies or dietary restrictions.


Mealtimes also serve as learning experiences where children develop social skills. They learn conversation skills and appropriate table manners.

Active Play

Children get 60-90 minutes of physical activity daily indoors and outdoors. Our playground has age-appropriate equipment for climbing, running, and riding.


Teachers lead structured games and activities to build balance, coordination, and motor skills. Yoga, dance, or guided movement may be incorporated as well.


On weather days, active play is substituted with gym time. Balls, scooters, parachutes, tunnels, and hoops are provided to keep children moving.

Oversight & Inspections

Our facility maintains proper licensing through the state health department. We undergo regular inspections to ensure compliance with safety regulations.


All staff complete background checks before employment. We maintain high caregiver-to-child ratios that exceed state minimums.


Our directors hold degrees in early childhood education or a related child welfare field. They receive child development and child protection training. Teachers participate in ongoing professional development on safety practices.


Secure Access Outdoor play areas are fully contained and gated. Daycare with Surveillance cameras provides additional monitoring for arrivals, departures, and playground activity. Hence, we ensure a secure environment for children.

Emergency Preparedness

● Fire drills are conducted monthly, and severe weather drills are held twice yearly.

● Teachers maintain daily class rosters and emergency contact info for each child.

● First aid kits and emergency medications like EpiPens are kept fully stocked.

● Multiple staff are trained in CPR, first aid, AED machine use, etc.

Healthy Communication

We encourage open dialogue between parents and teachers about any health concerns. Notify us of any allergies, illnesses, injuries, or changes that impact your child. Check daily reports from teachers on the child's mood, activities, potty habits, and diet. Keep us informed if your child is undergoing stress at home, such as divorce, moving, etc. By partnering, we ensure your child thrives in a healthy, secure environment.


At Children Central, we take every measure to keep your child safe, healthy, and secure while in our care. Our childcare health and safety policies and procedures prioritize your child's well-being. Contact us today to schedule a tour and see our policies in action!

Frequently Asked Questions

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When researching daycares, look for ones with secure access. Prefer those with surveillance cameras, background checks on staff, and regular oversight inspections. Make sure the facility follows safety rules for preschoolers, like hand washing. Tour the center and observe the cleanliness, organization, and staff attentiveness.

Search online reviews and check state databases for violations/inspections. Look for centers accredited by organizations like the NAEYC. Ask friends for recommendations of safe daycares they trust. Schedule tours and watch for cleanliness, organization, and attentive staff.

Health and safety early childhood policies make daycare safe. Our center prioritizes child safety in all we do. We maintain proper licensing and undergo regular inspections. We need staff background checks and surveillance cameras. Our safety rules for preschoolers teach healthy habits. The facility is secured with keypad access. Parents can trust their child is safe here.

We have CCTV cameras monitoring all entryways, exits, and the playground. This allows staff to observe arrivals, departures, and outdoor activities. Surveillance footage is reviewed if any incidents occur. Cameras provide an extra layer of security for this daycare.

Having video surveillance is an important security feature when vetting daycares. CCTV cameras allow staff to monitor all areas children access. They provide peace of mind for parents by adding an extra set of “eyes” on their kids. The footage can also be reviewed if any incidents or injuries occur.