About Children Central

As working parents, finding reliable child care is essential but can also be challenging. At Children Central, we have cared for children of working families in this community for over 20 years. Our childhood learning programs provide a nurturing environment where your child can grow, learn, and thrive.


Children Central serves infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. We understand every age has its own needs. We tailor our program to support children’s development at each stage. Here’s an overview of what families can expect at our highly-rated center. So, read this guide to learn more about Children Central.

Infants (6 Weeks to 1 Year)

The first year is crucial for growth and development. Infants need specialized care. At Children Central, they receive plenty of gentle affection along with activities designed for them.


Teachers talk, read, sing, and play with infants throughout the day. We adhere to safe sleep practices and provide time for naps. Nutritious meals and formulas accommodate needs. Daily notes inform parents about feedings, diapering, naps, and more. Our low infant-to-teacher ratio ensures your baby gets the individual care they deserve.

Toddlers (1 to 3 Years)

The toddler room provides a safe space for walking, climbing, and exploring. Educational activities help develop motor skills and independence. Picture books, songs, blocks, and art projects promote cognitive and language skills. Potty training is available.


Outdoor play allows toddlers to burn energy. Learning healthy eating habits starts now. Teachers nurture social development through modeling, praise, and redirection. Our child-proofed environment keeps adventurous toddlers secure. Fostering self-confidence and curiosity is a top priority.

Preschoolers (3 to 5 Years)

This is an exciting time of growth and discovery. Our play-based preschool curriculum helps children blossom socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Circle time, small groups, stations, and learning centers teach fundamentals.


Literacy activities like rhyming games strengthen pre-reading skills. Counting, patterns, sorting, and shapes build math readiness. Science experiments nurture curiosity and problem-solving. Yoga, music, and movement improve motor skills.


Outdoor play provides exercise and fresh air. Children learn to take turns, share, and cooperate. It’s all skill-building for kindergarten readiness.

after-school routine

School-Age Children

Our program serves children ages 5 to 12 after school and on holidays. We provide transportation from local schools with our safe, reliable buses. At our center, children can unwind after a long day with friends, physical activities, enrichment programs, homework help, snack time, and more. We offer day-long care on teacher work days and holidays, including daily activities, games, and local field trips. We help make the after-school hours enriching and enjoyable.

A Focus on Learning & Development

Children Central is guided by research on childhood education and growth. Our teachers incorporate academic content with social development. They polish emotional skills and improve physical activity and play. We take a whole-child perspective. Our education programs give your child a head start on skills needed for life success. We offer quality child care at an affordable cost.

Our Nurturing Community

Above all, our care programs provide a warm, inclusive community. Every child receives individual care and attention. We celebrate diversity and uniqueness. Your child will build trusting bonds with our caring teachers and staff. Our low child-to-teacher ratio ensures no child falls through the cracks. We get to know each family and work as partners in your child’s care.

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Discover Children Central

Meet our compassionate teachers and see our bright, engaging classrooms! Want to learn more about Children Central? Call us or visit our website to schedule a tour. Let us show you why families choose Children Central as the place where their children can joyfully learn, grow, and thrive. Looking forward to welcoming your child.

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