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As a working parent, I know how complicated the process of finding the best daycare for infants can be. You want to make sure your child is safe, loved, and nurtured while you are at work.


The early years are critical for an infant’s development, so choosing the right daycare is one of the most critical decisions.

Baby Care Center Langhorne PA - Quality Care Center

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At Children Central, we aim to provide the best daycare experience for infants. We have over 15 years of experience caring for babies. Our devoted teachers and staff have the expertise to ensure your child thrives in our child care.


Our daycare is the best infant daycare in the region. Here are a few key reasons why our baby care center in Langhorne PA is the best childcare center for infants in our area:

Unparalleled Care and Attention for Each Infant

Our low teacher-to-student ratio of 1:3 for infants ensures each baby receives individualized care. Teachers hold, rock, sing, read, and play with children to meet their needs. We follow nurturing routines tailored to each infant, such as feeding, diapering, nap, and tummy time. Teachers engage with infants through smiling, talking, singing, and hands-on activities. We understand the importance of bonding and aim to ensure your child feels safe and loved in our care.

Optimal Health and Safety

At Children Central, your infant's health and safety is our top priority. Our child care center meets the highest standards of cleanliness. It is equipped with the latest safety features. All infant rooms and equipment are sanitized many times per day. Teachers are infant CPR/First Aid certified. They follow strict hand-washing and sanitizing procedures before and after handling infants. Health checks are conducted daily to check for any potential issues. Our teachers are vigilant about safe sleep practices, allergy awareness, and proactive monitoring. Knowing we are fully committed to protecting infant health, you can have peace of mind. Our child care programs are the best quality programs you will ever have. Above all, our child care services are the region's most affordable child care.

Developmentally Appropriate, Individualized Curriculum

Our infant curriculum focuses on building trust and attachment. It helps maximize sensory exploration, developing motor skills, and language development. We learn about each infant's needs, interests, and developmental stage. We utilize purposeful play, music, and age-appropriate educational activities from there. They are tailored to each child's emerging abilities. We introduce opportunities to grasp, crawl, stand, and walk as infants grow. Language development is nurtured through songs, rhymes, reading, and conversation. No two infants learn the same way, which is why our curriculum is individualized. Your baby will learn and grow by interacting with caring teachers and peers.

Real-Time Communication for Absolute Transparency

Wondering how your baby's day is going? We provide real-time updates through our mobile app so you can see photos, videos, daily logs, and teacher notes. Get a peek into their daily activities, tummy time, outdoor play, and more. Teachers provide detailed daily reports on your infant's mood, health, meals, sleep patterns, and more. This transparent, ongoing communication informs you about your infant's experiences. We want you to feel connected even when you can't be there.

Supporting Working Parents' Needs

As a working parent, I know you need reliable care with flexible hours to accommodate your schedule. Children Central is open from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm to serve families. We also understand work challenges may arise, so we have backup care options if needed. You can rest assured that your infant will be well cared for even if a work emergency arises. Our nursing and pumping rooms allow you to provide breast milk for your baby. We aim to make balancing work and family as smooth as possible.

Preparing Infants for the Future

The infant years establish the foundation for future learning and success. Our teachers nurture the cognitive, social-emotional, and motor skills your child needs to thrive as toddlers and preschoolers. We thoroughly prepare children for key developmental milestones such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking, and talking. Your infant will gain the confidence to explore, engage, and become independent as they grow. Our well-rounded curriculum and devoted teachers give your child the best start on their early learning journey.

Welcoming Environments Designed for Infants

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Our day care centers are designed with infants in mind. Bright, cheerful rooms have age-appropriate toys and soft spaces for tummy time and rolling. Outdoor playgrounds with baby swings and soft surfaces keep infants engaged. We utilize high chairs, cribs, rockers, and play mats to meet your baby’s needs. Our environments support healthy development through safety, cleanliness, and purposeful design elements.

Engaging Infants with Sensory-Rich Experiences

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At Children Central, we understand the importance of sensory and cognitive development in infants. We incorporate sights, sounds, textures, smells, and movements into our infant curriculum to build key sensory pathways during their first year.


Infants enjoy exploring bubble tables, playing with toys of various colors/shapes/textures, listening to different musical styles, looking at high-contrast images, and more in our thoughtfully designed sensory areas. These engaging multi-sensory experiences nurture development across all domains.

Supporting Families with Compassion and Care

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We recognize choosing childcare is an emotional decision for families. Our staff aims to support each family with compassion, empathy, and quality care. We want to form a partnership with parents built on trust and communication.



You can rely on us to be a listening ear, to offer guidance on infant development, and to provide a judgment-free environment. Our goal is for your family to feel understood and your child to feel unconditionally loved while in our care. We consider it a privilege to support your family.

Enroll Now in the Best Daycare for Infants!

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As both an early childhood educator and a parent, Children Central provides infants with a nurturing, safe, and engaging environment to learn and grow. Our experienced, passionate teachers genuinely love caring for babies.


I invite you to visit our baby care center in Langhorne PA and meet our infant teachers. Nothing matters more than finding the best early learning home for your precious little one. We would be honored to be that first home away from home for your infant. Please call today to schedule a tour and see why Children Central is the best daycare for infant care and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our infant daycare near me maintains a low teacher-to-student ratio of 1:3 to ensure that each infant receives individualized care and attention. This allows teachers to tend to each baby’s unique needs.

Our newborn infant room daycare features a calm, soothing atmosphere perfect for babies. It is stocked with soft spaces for tummy time, cribs for napping, and age-appropriate stimulation. Bright colors and lighting add cheeriness to the room.


Yes, we provide live video feeds of our infant rooms so parents can watch their babies play, learn, eat, and sleep throughout the day. This infant daycare with cameras helps provide parents with peace of mind.


With over a decade of experience caring for infants, our center’s balanced curriculum, devoted teachers, safety standards, and low ratios make us the best infant daycare near me. We exceed expectations on infant care. Our education programs and childcare facilities are the best in the region.

Our infant daycare schedule includes times for feeding, napping, sensory play, tummy time, diapering, outdoor walks, music, and more. Routines are tailored to each infant’s needs. We provide parents with a schedule and daily updates. Enroll today in our best infant care.

Yes, we accept babies as young as six weeks old for our daycare for six weeks old. We also accept babies ages 18 months for our daycare for 11-month-olds and other infants. We would love to provide your 11-month-old with nurturing care.

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