Finding The Right Daycare Langhorne PA

Why Choose Children Central?

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Finding quality daycare in Langhorne, PA, as a working parent can feel stressful and overwhelming. You want your children to be in a safe, nurturing daycare environment while you’re at work.


At Children Central Daycare Langhorne PA, your children will thrive with educational activities tailored to their age and developing needs. We provide quality care for children and provide them with high-rated learning programs. Our care teams have devised care plans and childhood programs for each admitted kid. We have a globally recognized school curriculum for children.

We Understand Your Family's Childcare Needs

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At Children Central, we get the childcare troubles parents have today. It’s never easy to balance family and work when your kids are little. Many parents count on daycares like us to give a safe, caring place for kids while they build their careers.


We know each family has unique needs. Some parents need full-time care while others only need part-time or flexible options. Some have babies, while others have toddlers or preschoolers. Some need care during regular work hours, while others need early morning or night care.


No matter what your family needs, Children Central is here for you. We’ve been giving great daycare and early education programs in Bucks County for over 40 years. Parents choose us not just for reliable care, but for our caring teachers, fun activities, and family-feel.


At Children Central, your child can explore, create, learn, and play every day. They’ll build social, thinking, motor and communication skills right for their age and stage. We partner closely with parents to help them grow in these precious early years.

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Critical Benefits of Children Central

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Some key benefits of our childcare development center:

We accommodate all income levels and offer financial assistance programs. Our approach combines learning and play to nurture your child fully

What to Look For in a Daycare

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When evaluating daycares, prioritize centers like Children Central that exceed the
minimum standards. Here's what matters most:

All staff should undergo rigorous background checks. Facilities should control access, supervise properly, and adhere to state health and safety regulations. Children Central has a perfect record of state inspections.

Teacher Quality

Teachers need proper certifications and training in child development and early education. Our lead teachers all have early childhood degrees and years of Experience.

Learning Approaches

The right blend of activities promotes growth at each age. We offer play-based learning with academics to prepare them for kindergarten success.


Regular feedback and an open-door policy for parent visits and conferences are ideal. Children Central provides daily reports and keeps you fully involved.


Bright, welcoming classrooms tailored to each age group. We have 10+ well-equipped classrooms full of age-appropriate toys, books, and Langhorne daycare five-star daycare activities.

Enroll at Children Central Daycare

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Children Central Daycare Langhorne PA, provides the highest quality early education and care for infants through pre-K. Our experienced teachers help your child learn through play in a warm, family-like environment.

Please tour our state-of-the-art facility and see first-hand what your child can get at Children Central. Let us show you how we can meet your family’s needs and be a partner in your child’s learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Children Central provides nurturing daycare in Langhorne. We use age-appropriate learning activities in a safe, family environment. We have over 40 years of caring for children in the Bucks County community.

Children Central has the best childcare services in this region. This center has dedicated infant and toddler rooms. It also has preschool prep for 3-5-year-olds and uses hands-on activities to build skills. Our center has been trusted for early education in Bucks County for decades.

Children Central offers exceptional pre-k classes. These will help your 4-5-year-old gain skills needed for kindergarten success. Schedule a tour to see our welcoming preschool classrooms.

Children Central is the leading bucks county daycare. It uses research-based early education to nurture infants through pre-K in a warm environment. Visit our Langhorne campus to experience our caring teachers and engaging classrooms.

Children Central is a 5-star preschool. It has a perfect state inspection record, tailored learning for each age group, and exceptional teachers. Tour our Langhorne campus to see why families trust us for quality infant to pre-K care.

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