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Children Central is the premier option for daycare programs in Langhorne, PA. We have over 20 years of experience providing nurturing care and early childhood education.


Our daycare center serves infants through pre-kindergarten. It supports children at all developmental stages. Our early childhood education programs located in Langhorne PA are the best in the region. We take pride in cultivating an environment where every child can thrive.

Our experienced teachers focus on building strong personal connections with each child. We maintain low student-teacher ratios of 4:1 for infants, 5:1 for toddlers, 6:1 for two year old classrooms and 10:1 for Preschool and Pre-K.  This ensures that every child receives plenty of individualized attention and quality care.


Our teachers get to know each child’s personality, strengths, and areas for growth. They can adapt activities to fit every student’s needs with small class sizes. Our teachers have extensive education and experience and undergo thorough background checks. Their expertise and nurturing approach help children feel comfortable and supported.


Research shows that secure child-teacher attachment contributes to social, emotional, and academic success. At Children Central, your child will flourish under the care of exceptional teachers.


Enroll your child in the best daycare programs in Langhorne PA.

Our developmentally-appropriate curriculum focuses on educating the whole child. We support their social-emotional growth, physical abilities, and cognitive skills. We improve their confidence and curiosity through tailored learning activities.


Our teachers understand that over 90% of brain development occurs before age 5. So, they work their best to provide high-quality early childhood education.


We incorporate play-based learning and literacy activities, which include reading and writing. We also have hands-on science and math exploration. Also, we incorporate music, dramatic play, and so much more into our daycare program.


Funnydaffer is an engaging curriculum that helps children gain independence and problem-solving abilities. They also groom their socialization skills and a passion for learning. Your child will love discovering new things and reaching milestones with these educational programs. Make your child active and strong through our daycare program located in Langhorne PA.

Nurturing Environment

Besides caring teachers and an engaging curriculum, we provide a nurturing environment. It aims to support children’s growth. Our bright, spacious classrooms allow for exploration. They contain learning materials that engage developing minds.


Our secured outdoor playground provides fresh air for the children daily. They promote physical activity and a connection with nature. We go on regular field trips to parks, museums, and other local attractions to expand our horizons.


We provide healthy lunch with a morning and afternoon snack to nourish and energize children. Our environment encourages the natural curiosity of childhood. We maintain a calm, consistent daily schedule to help kids feel secure.


Your child will thrive surrounded by this nurturing environment. These activities will help to excel in social skills. Enroll today in the best childcare programs of Langhorne PA.

Safety and Security

While nurturing care and learning are our primary focus, security is also a top priority. Our facility utilizes an individualized code for every family, so only approved adults can enter.


We vet and screen all staff through interviews, reference checks, including criminal background. Teachers complete extensive onboarding safety training and annual refresher courses. With cameras in every classroom and the common area, all families have additional peace of mind knowing their child safe and secure.


Our experienced staff are well-trained in safety protocols and emergency response. We conduct regular drills and inspections to maintain our safe facility. Your child’s well-being is always our number one concern. You can feel confident knowing your child is secure with us.


Finding quality child care programs Langhorne PA, is an emotional decision as a parent. But you can rest assured your child will be in the best hands with our top rated educational program.

Enroll Your Child Today!

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Contact us to learn more about our early childhood development program located in Langhorne PA. Call today to schedule a tour and meet our excellent teachers in person. We offer the ELRC subsidy, so do not wait as spots fill up quickly!


Let Children Central be your trusted partner in nurturing your child’s development. Enroll your kids in our top-rated Keystone STARS 4 childcare program of Langhorne PA.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Children Central offers infant, toddler, preschool and pre-kindergarten programs. They are for children who are six weeks to 5 years old. We also have a fun, high-quality summer camp called Cub Camp. Search “childcare programs near me” for the best day care center.

Children Central is the premier childcare option for families in Langhorne, PA. We have a nurturing environment, caring teachers, and an engaging curriculum called Funnydaffer. Search “childcare programs near me” for the best child care center.

You can schedule an in person tour at Children Central to see all we provide for Infant through Pre-K classrooms. This will be a good opportunity to learn about our developmentally-appropriate early education programs. Search “childcare programs near me” to find the best childcare center.

Children Central offers full-time programs from 6:45am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday.  We have flexible scheduling options available for 3,4 and 5-day programs. We’re here to meet your family’s needs.

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